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Fury (1955)

Family series starring Peter Graves
-Year: 1955-1960
-Country: USA
-Who in clothing: Joey ~11 (s1), others
-Available on DVD: yes
-B&W or color: b&w
-I own: 97 more words


The Blond leading the Blond

A woman I used to work with used an expression for the woman’s voice on her GPS: “the blond”.  As in, “So the blond told me to go left, but it was a construction zone.” 224 more words

Non Classé

Little House on the Prairie – season 1

Some more pics of season 1, which is my favourite one.

Pic 1 from s1e20 inside the one-room schoolhouse. Not sure about their names (almost all are uncredited). 77 more words


Heartland (2007)

Family series starring Amber Marshall
-Year: 2007-
-Country: Canada
-Who in clothing: Amy ~18 (s1), boys ~ 6-8, others
-Available on DVD: yes *
-B&W or color: 127 more words


Update: The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin (1954)

2 more pics of this series showing another actor and clothes and the long leather boots of Rusty.

Pic 1 from the German movie compilation DVD (unknown episode) .The Indian boy Pokiwah also shirtless in s1e25. 33 more words


So White

His alabaster skin so white

he might be some forest elf

who lives in shade, afraid of sunlight,

but beautiful as Narcissus himself,

the slender youth sits, or rather, perches, 24 more words