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The Actor's Agency - Part 3

Jacques, the aspiring actor, had a pretty mean hairdo and moustache. I wonder if this was perceived as cool and rebellious in 1960s France? I imagine him being cast as the cool younger side-kick of some streetwise old con man. 130 more words


Honey Blonde and Extensions

This blonde, infused with honey and caramel tones, ‘topped’ with extensions is absolutely stunning.
Color and extensions by Abigail Hill.


I am dead inside 

So this year I have become super close with my friend Sage. She and My friendship blossomed over the summer and we’re basically everyone’s best friend goals. 532 more words

Hair History & Care

Hey lovelys ♥

So for all of you that don’t know, I have short hair which I have dyed twice. My natural hair colour is brown but I dyed it ombre last year (when it was trendy) but at the beginning of this year I cut a few inches off my hair which cut off most of the blonde. 530 more words