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Lowering limit for DUIIs will save lives | Editorial

A new national report calls for lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration for drivers nationwide, with the goal of preventing drunken-driving deaths in the United States. 46 more words


Bob Layton editorial: Zero tolerance?

One of the dangerous ills of society we have not been able to resolve is the drunk driver.

Umpteen campaigns have not done it. Fines and suspensions have not done it. 192 more words


COMMENTARY: Getting tough with drunk drivers

Federal Justice Minister Judy Wilson-Raybould has hinted that the government is considering tougher drunk driving laws and sadly, it’s a debate we need to have sooner than later. 241 more words


On DUI Standards, How Low Should You Go?

Last month, the Utah legislature passed, and Utah’s governor signed, a measure reducing Utah’s standard for driving under the influence of alcohol. ¬†Under the new Utah standard, which takes effect in December 2018, Utah’s threshold for drunk driving will be a blood alcohol level of .05 percent. ¬† 453 more words