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Other Therapies

Along with the pre and post natal treatments, I also offer the following therapies;

Indian Head Massage works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress. 604 more words

Look Alive Benefits.

The organic unrefined Shea butter, I use in Look Alive has such a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients, as well as being a great moisturizer, it can effectively treat skin conditions such as eczema, acne, scars, bums, allergies and more.  744 more words


Look Alive Skin care!

 Alive Glow is a natural organic skin care line. I developed it in 2010, to use on my family’s skin, because the harmful chemicals found in most lotions/creams that are on the market, irritate my sensitive skin. 486 more words


How does Cryo-Stimulation reduce fat and cellulite

Stubborn, hard to shift fat, tends to be located in areas of the body which have a much higher density of alpha-receptors; these react with hormones and actually inhibit fat lipolysis. 247 more words

Dry Body Srubbing + Manual Face Brush Cleanser

One morning, I was swiping through my feed on Instagram when I read about this Dry Scrubbing thing. I got curious so I immediately went to Google to read more about it. 568 more words

Beauty Note: How Exercise Makes You Pretty

It’s a new year, making now the perfect opportunity to carpe diem and start getting into tip-top shape for the year to come. It’s no secret that exercise “does a body good.” But did you know that working out can do your “beauty” good as well? 284 more words


Yoga Improves Circulation

Our third reason (of fifty) to do yoga this year is to help improve your circulation. Hands and feet always cold? Feel weak and lethargic? 339 more words