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Yoga For Lower Back Pain-Bhujangasana(Cobra pose)- Variation 3

Yoga is undoubtedly a great medicine for almost all kinds of diseases. Bhujangasana and all it’s variations has a powerful impact in relieving chronic lower back pain. 419 more words

Lower Back Pain, Knee Joint Pains

Yoga Lesson 21st August 2016

Siddhasana – (Accomplished posture for Men)   Medhradupari Vinyasya Savyam Gulpham Tathopari
Gulphantram Ca Niksipya Siddhasanamidam BhavetMedhra- penis/pubic bone;
Upari- 405 more words
Daily Yoga Lesson

Yoga Lesson 20th August 2016

Siddhasana – (Accomplished posture for Men)   ||Yonisthanakamanghrimulaghatitam, Krtva Drdham Vinyaset-

Medhre Padamathaikameva Hrdaye Krtva Hanum Susthiram

Sthanuh Samyamitendriyo caladrsa Pasyedbhruvorantaram

Hyetanmoksakapatbhedajanakam siddhasanam Procyate||

Yonisthankam – … 903 more words

Daily Yoga Lesson

Garuda Mudra - The Gesture of The Mystical Eagle

This mudra will look familiar to kids and older people who used to make bird shadows with their hands. :-)

Music: “Softer Gesticulation” by Dee Vigga aka Ultra Titan… 49 more words


Injury healing and tissue repair- Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at the role of inflammation in wound repair and the management of inflammation. Part 2 is about tissue perfusion. A lot of this information is applicable for preventing tissue damage in the first place and explores practises that ensure better recovery. 1,239 more words


Do you Know Why Bathing is Important?

We often think that bathing is all about taking away body impurities. Traditionally, bathing was associated with cooling down the body.

Source: Do you Know Why Bathing is Important?



Rosemary Oil. One of the essential oils used in LUSH and STIMULUS. When applied over the scalp and the beard sections, rosemary essential oil helps stimulate hair growth. 759 more words

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