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The Numbing Danger of 'Comfortable'

A risk free life of comfort sounds very appealing .. but then where’s the fun in that!

Life is full of uncomfortable moments – asking for help, interviewing for a job, talking to that lovely guy in the supermarket.   304 more words


Walking is the best Exercise. Do you Know Why?

Walking is a low intensity workout that can be done by one and all of every age. Walking benefits are versatile.

Source: Walking is the best Exercise. Do you Know Why?


Homemade Heat Packs

Heat therapy helps aching muscles and injured areas of the body, by increasing blood circulation. They also provide soothing pain relief. We can make two types of heat therapy: dry or moist. 313 more words

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Health Benefits of Yoga for Mind and Body

If you are a regular yoga practitioner, you would have experienced noticeable benefits of yoga after practicing it.

Source: Health Benefits of Yoga for Mind and Body


Why you MUST wear Easecox Tourmaline Fibre Series?

Founded by Amy Lin in 1988 to help more than 15000 women a year to rediscover their health and beauty.

DIAMANT, is a fat shifting series to make possible the crucial fat shifting process. 388 more words


Pilates Masters Breathing with Movement

Many people are unaware that they hold their breath and shallow breathe through out their day. Take a class that focuses on a proper breathe technique to become more aware. 116 more words