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Poor Blood Circulation, Cold Legs and Hands? Here is What You Can do to Solve This Problem

There are a number of reasons why blood plays an extremely important role for the proper function of our body. One of the main reasons is that it helps to supply oxygen to our brain and vital organs as well as it conveys both red and white blood cells in the body. 62 more words


What Are The Benefits Of Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is an effective pain relieving massaging method. It mainly focuses some important points in the hands and feet. It is based on the scientific fact that some of the points or zones found in the hands and feet will be connected directly to the responding organs or parts of the body, if we apply the right portion of pressure over the points it may help you to get relief from the pain occurring there. 251 more words

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4 benefits of sex for Ladies

Sex is good and it is God’s idea. Like everything else God created we are to use it for our well-being but in our African culture, a woman who craves for Sex is loose, I mean it should not even be mentioned. 344 more words


5 Surprising Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has been around for a while, however many people are unaware of the amazing benefits that ginger tea has, from preventing cancer to reducing the pain from menstrual periods and much more. 425 more words

Combatting Raynaud's Disease (found in 50% of fibro patients)

I had Raynaud’s disease LONG before I had fibromyalgia. It first started occurring when I was about in the 3rd grade. To me, this also is an indication that fibro is partially genetic and I was probably going to get it sooner or later. 362 more words


Vajra Mudra - The Gesture of The Fiery Thunderbolt

Vajra means both ‘diamond’ (indestructible) and  ‘thunderbolt’ (irresistible force) in Sanskrit.

The vajra is also a ritual object in Tibetan Buddhism

Music: “Esotericism” by Xultrain Kaos: 7 more words


Getting smart.

I’m back! I’m sorry. I didn’t write a post for very long time – 41 days!
I don’t count Nov.22 post, because I just rebloged those great vegetarian recipes to wish you happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 240 more words