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Improve your blood circulation with a pineapple and a bag of brown sugar!

Circulation is the word used to describe the constant movement of your blood inside your body. This movement or “flow” takes place in a network of tubes known as blood vessels. 233 more words


Swimming pool for injuries?

Summer is here and we all want to look in good shape. But what if you are coming back from an injury? What is the best way to recover faster so you can train the way you used to do? 172 more words

Tip Of The Week

Saunas for Sore Throats And More

After staying at a friends house for the weekend, I have developed a stuffy nose and sore throat.  The food they are was sub-par to my typical standards and because of this, my body is responding.   218 more words

Sore Throat

Get Rhythm, When You Get the Blues!

Hey, get rhythm when you get the blues 
C’mon get rhythm, when you get the blues
Get a rock ‘n roll feeling in your bones…

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What Causes Migraine?

Migraine is a kind of severe headache which only affects the front part or one side of the head. It usually occurs when a blood vessel is enlarged due to the release of chemicals from nerve fibers surrounding such blood vessels. 752 more words

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Skinny jeans may land woman in hospital

Tight  fitting jeans led to a 35 old woman being hospitalised after she was found sprawled on the ground and unable to walk because of numbness in her feet. 75 more words


How To get Rid of Wrinkles with Galvanic and Ultrasound Facial Therapy

Wrinkles are something that everyone will deal with at some point in life, but you can work toward rejuvenating your skin and maintaining youthfulness.  There are options that are natural and do not require surgery that can prevent wrinkles and improve the overall health of your skin.  734 more words