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Benefits of Vken Products

Benefits of Vken Products :

1. Enhance Blood Circulation in our Body
2. Able to Dilute Concentrated Blood for ease of Circulation , get rid of Toxic from the Body . 207 more words

Blood Circulation

Veedee Massager, c1903

This week we are displaying a rarely seen item from our collections, the Veedee Massager from c1903. The Massager comes in a purple velvet-lined box, with attachments (including cup and ball), polishing cloth and oil. 210 more words

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Bio Velocity Sleepmate

This mattress cover is specially tailored to your individual needs. The BV Sleep Mate helps to correct disharmonic vibration frequencies, counter and negate this pathology wave whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in our body. 178 more words

Blood Circulation

Vken Healing Series

Vken Ultimate Energy Healing Series :

Socks. – $74 per pair .

You’re recommended to wear Vken sock first. The socks help improves micro blood circulation; reduce headaches; strengthen and heals the whole body;helps reducing gout pain, leg numbness, diabetes and other chronic diseases. 222 more words

Blood Circulation

Wonders Of Vken Products

The wonders of Vken products.

The video show’s what ppen to our blood flow.
How healthy our blood can be by wearing Vken products.

For more info about Vken products please visit : 19 more words

Blood Circulation

K-Link Riddance

Riddance gives 4 major all-round detoxification actions:

Purifies the blood Cleanses the digestive system Improves natural detoxification Regulates bodily functions Traditionally used for the relief of body heat, flatulence and mild diarrhea as well as internal detoxification. 455 more words

Blood Circulation

K-Link Gamat Extract With Honey

Benefits of Gamat from the Sea

Gamat Extract with Honey is a natural health supplement that contains a combination of natural minerals, purified gama-peptide complex, honey, vitamin B6, vitamin B1 and beta carotene to delay… 116 more words

Blood Circulation