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Trust your gut instinct

Do you trust the oncologist or the nagging little feeling in your heart?

Roy wanted me to find another oncologist, we were both so concerned about a “mistake” that can be made at a pathology lab. 667 more words

My Story

Chemo delayed

The visiting nurse came to draw his blood to make sure that all of the blood counts were fine and his white blood cell count was too low to start chemo. 133 more words

the day to day

happy to report that our LO is pretty much back to his normal happy self. it’s so fun to see him laughing so much and smiling again. 513 more words

Breast tissue issue

When they removed my breast tissue during the bilateral mastectomy, they tested the specimen and found that it was CANCER FREE. My heart sings just reading that out loud and despite daily thanks for this incredible blessing, I sometimes find myself still processing what just transpired over the past 9 months, thinking “did that just happen?” 775 more words

Breast Cancer

Post surgery complications - removal of breast implants

This time last week I was waking up from the double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery that I had anticipated for about 6 months.

This time last week I felt centered, unnerved and confident and never would have though that I’d be in the position that I am right now: implant-less & devastated. 1,818 more words

Breast Cancer