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Book Review: Blood Oath / Gladiator School series / Dan Scott / 9 - 12

Published by Scribo Books / ISBN 9789008177483

This is the first volume of a series set in Rome in July AD 79 – Lucius’ father has been accused of treason and as a result of his disappearance his family’s circumstances have changed drastically. 163 more words

Book Review

Chapter 38

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The land is dark. The air is heavy with palpable energy. Something is about to happen.

Kiphy and Ime stand at the top of a dormant volcano. 1,300 more words

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Chapter 37

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A field covered in fog, waiting for battle. Two armies, one black and made of shadows and blood, the other white and made of light and stars stand on either sides of the field. 301 more words

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Chapter 36

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Cleaning the small camp they’d called home for over three weeks, Kiphy takes Ime deep into the mountain range. The mountains surround them like towering walls and the terrain is purely rocks and large boulders. 1,908 more words

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Chapter 35

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The following day Kiphy sends Ime to run around the lake twice. When he returns, Kiphy has him do one hundred push-ups. 2,295 more words

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Chapter 34

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“Though it was simple, your description of how you perceive your magic shows me you understand that magic is based in the body,” Kiphy starts, placing a hand on his chest for emphasis. 615 more words

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Chapter 33

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Gentle voices sing, growing softer or louder when the music calls for it. The song is calming, almost a lullaby. The damp, darkness fills with the voices, bringing small warmth to the cell. 1,799 more words

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