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How To Keep Cancer From Taking Over Your Daily Life

It is very challenging to deal with cancer. This article can introduce you to various resources that can assist you to understand cancer and manage your health better. 24 more words

You Can Beat This: Cancer Tips And Advice

Tons of people fall victim to fraudulent claims of products that cure cancer. Between scams and inaccurate information, it is easy to fall victim to the wrong advice or ineffective products, so make sure you protect yourself by gaining as much knowledge as possible. The key to overcoming the…

3 exercises to keep your blood flowing

Exercise can be great for many reasons, such as easing stress and getting in shape. But exercise is also important for getting your blood flowing and improving circulation, allowing nutrients and hormones to be carried throughout the body. 355 more words


Full Self Presence in the Moment - An Artists Journey To Life: Day 614

In my blog yesterday I was examining the word ‘Alive’ and in this re-defining it for myself in a way where it becomes a point that I am able to practically live for myself in every moment and thus no more having this word be something that “is out of my control” so to speak. 775 more words

Journey To Life