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Crunkcore: When Sad Boys Got Turnt

Adolescence isn’t easy. At least yours wasn’t. If it was you’d be reading a marketing blog right now. But you’re here. Welcome.

Post-Catcher-in-the-Rye youth culture has leaned into this fact hard, blowing simple emotions into gigantic expressions of either bliss or torment. 2,520 more words

Violentine's Day Make-up

Currently Listening To: “Violentine’s Day” -Blood on the Dance Floor


I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I thought up a cute little eye make-up for it. 542 more words


Books and Stuff :p

Currently Listening To: “Fuck The Rest, We The Best” -Blood on the Dance Floor

I am seriously getting so much use out of my cds. :3 I mean some Paramore and Pierce The Veil got thrown into the mix a little, but Blood on the Dance Floor has been dominating the airwaves in my bedroom.  703 more words

Good Things

Loads of Stuff In One Post... Fuck Titles... They're Hard..

Currently Listening To: “Party On” -Blood on the Dance Floor

Yes, Blood on the Dance Floor will be up there for quite a long time. I’m really getting use out of my cds. 577 more words

Good Things

Guess What's in my Mailbox?

Currently Listening To: “Xx3″ -Blood on the Dance Floor

I finally got my cds in the mail today! woo. :3 

The mail was not nice to my cds at all. 249 more words

Good Things

OOTD: Birthday Girl

Currently Listening To: “IDGAF” -Blood on the Dance Floor

It’s early, but it’ll probably end up being too cold on my actual birthday. I may also be busy :c It was a bit too cold for me today (still sniffle-y) and so I decided to just use the space behind my door for the shoot. 442 more words