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The Summer of the Witch

Light streamed into the dankness, fingering its way across the uneven floor and up the blood spattered walls to the ceiling. There was more to this small, cramped space than the eye could see; something beyond claustrophobic, something beyond, far beyond the depths of despair and terror embedded in the walls. 55 more words

Karen Yellowtail

Blood Spatter Necklace By Roadkilljill Review

Let me just┬ásay that sometimes I’m a total ditz! I wrote this review and never published it!! I’m very sorry Roadkill Jill Creations. 270 more words


UNknown SUBject - a confession

“My daddy had the same sickness. He said it was a blood sickness and it comes on slow, like slick, slow poison and it starts in the heart, and the heart it pumps that sickness in the blood, into every cell, into every place. 117 more words

Karen Yellowtail

UNknown SUBject

Does it run in the blood, does it burn in the veins? This factor X. Does it pound away at the skull, does it create a vortex of rage in the brain? 70 more words

Karen Yellowtail

Worried Daughter, Proud Mother

Nothing Richard-related here. Just an update on my crazy week of highs and lows.

First, the lows… Wednesday morning brought a brief but tremendous panic when I got a 6am phone call from Mom, who was making gurgling noises yet couldn’t speak. 997 more words

Miscellaneous Life

"Sex and Spatter" by Ayanda Msibi

Flecks of red dot his face and shoulder. I move to remove them, but stop. Somehow, they make him more beautiful.

“What are you staring at?” he says with a grin, feigning ignorance. 1,308 more words


Resident Evil Bio-hazard Inspired Acrylic Earrings By Fabrication Unlimited

Fabrication Unlimited is an awesome store on Etsy that I found. They have awesome acrylic jewelry. I also love that their products come packaged in boxes with their company name on it. 178 more words

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