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Blood Stains

Tell me your lies again,
Whisper them softly so they may
Cover the pain in my side, you caused,
So much pain I can’t fathom the way… 41 more words



The man stands over the hulking, spiny monster – charred black in the sunlight and half buried beneath the fallen side of the building. “Damn fool, Feral” the man states to his companion, a young boy, “looks like whoever he tried to bite last nite bit back with a rocket launcher. 174 more words

Vampire Classes

Blood Stains does not use conventional Labyrinth Lord Classes. Instead, Blood Stains uses its own set of Classes and Saves to represent Vampirism. Though a Game Master – termed Overlord in Blood Stains – may certainly integrate conventional classes into their… 136 more words


“Have we become so overconfident?” Hans asks Yuri, pointing towards the great hulking creature bloodily chopping on the neck of a cocktail-dressed middled aged man in the middle of the street. 161 more words

Blood Stains

Last month I was chatting to photographers and Legless Ballerina and from that conversation, two joint projects came about. Both projects will be new role-playing games, with settings jointly designed by Owlman and… 121 more words