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My Shirt of Many Colors

Every man has at least one shirt that is his favorite. Mine is my “shirt of many colors.” This shirt was given to me by a friend, and I have probably worn it more than any other shirt I have ever owned. 188 more words

Goulash and Blood Stains

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what do goulash and blood stains have to do with each other? Simple: my thought process and diabetes.

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one who ponders life while they’re cooking. 445 more words

# Blood stains make confusing patterns, they lead me to you.

Blood stains won’t make it matter.
Got good things. Got you. 

Hoops by The Rubens


Your young players may feel that the mud and blood on their sports uniforms are badges of honor, but chances are you’ve got the responsibility to get them clean before the next match. 193 more words

Cleaning Tips

How to get blood stains out of clothes.

It’s very simple…..hydrogen peroxide.

1. Slowly poor hydrogen peroxide on problem area.

2. Watch as the hydrogen peroxide chemically reacts to the blood. It will start to bubble, just like when you put it on your skin! 14 more words

Day 48 - Recovery

Horrendous scratching last night left my skin badly damaged this morning.

As the hours went past today and I didn’t feel like scratching I felt less and less inclined to use my Hydrocortisone 1% and allowed the skin to recover peacefully. 174 more words