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Artificial Sweetners are UnHealthy and Not Diet!

Growing body of research shows artificial sweeteners raise your risk of both obesity and Type 2 diabetes — perhaps even to a greater degree than sugar.

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Why is the blood vessel blocked year by year? What food can "wash" blood vessels?

With the influence of people’s living habits and eating habits, there are more and more people with cardiovascular diseases.

People say there will be many changes as we age, will appear a lot of wrinkles on the face, the heart is as good as they used to jump so have the strength, this is all some appearances, is it is easy to perceive the phenomenon, but old vessels, but we cannot perceive the clogged, it will cause a series of consequences, first causes hardening of the arteries, and if the blocked coronary arteries of the heart can cause angina pectoris, and then the myocardial infarction (ami). 211 more words



No woman should ever be judged for her sexual indulgences. Sex is freedom, and orgasms cleanse us in a way that only orgasms can.

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Fruity Fridays On A Sunday: Watermelon.

There is never a day NOT to enjoy watermelon.

The Watermelon is very plentiful here at the moment and on a fresh fruit platter is very nice and refreshing. 20 more words


How Stress Affects Blood Sugar

Stress is a diabolical attack that can cause diabetes to spiral out of control. When the body is stressed, it reacts in several ways that affect every part of your body, including your blood glucose levels. 31 more words


Three Things Your Doctor Wishes You Knew About Sclerotherapy

One thing that most patients aren’t aware of is that their doctors wish they had a little bit more knowledge about their health, the medicine they take, and the procedures they will be encountering while in their care. 342 more words