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Did You Know Flowers Have Vascular Tissue?

That’s right.  We aren’t the only ones with blood vessels.

Well… flowers don’t have blood vessels.

But they do have a vascular system sorta kinda like ours. 464 more words

Daphne Shadows

Avocado (Persea americana)

Avocado is a fruit, rich in minerals. ( 14,6-23% fats, 2% proteins, 8,5 carbohydrates ).

1 kilo of avocado has 1600-2500 calories.

It is healthy for heart and blood vessels. 73 more words


Hypertension: Silent and Unequal

High blood pressure has been coined the “silent killer” because it has no symptoms, which causes many people to go undiagnosed. A blood pressure reading that stays high for long periods of time is called hypertension. 431 more words

Scientific Research

What is Takayasu’s Arteritis?

Takayasu’s Arteritis is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune condition that affects the largest blood vessel in the body (the aorta) and its branches. Thus, the complications of Takayasu’s arise directly or indirectly from damage to these blood vessels. 646 more words

Autoimmune Disorders

Curcumin, the Golden Spice

Growing up, I enjoyed spending time in my grandmother’s kitchen. Her cooking usually involved an array of colorful spices, including a generous mix of curry powder in nearly every Indian recipe. 437 more words

Scientific Research

Promising Research on Tissue-Engineered Blood Vessels

Based in New York, Feng Qin, MD, is an established vascular surgeon who practices at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and St. John’s Episcopal Hospital. With extensive experience in endovascular grafting techniques, Feng Qin, MD, coauthored “ 115 more words

Feng Qin MD

Snapshots of Life: The Brain’s Microscopic Green Trash Bins

There are trash bins in our homes, on our streets, and even as a popular icon on our desktop computers. And as this colorful image shows, trash bins of the cellular variety are also important in the brain. 537 more words