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what is a friend's home

the star player drops to

one leg and tells the

ridden boy a story, tells him

a prayer.  the prayer goes deep

into the woods.  there are empty… 28 more words

One day, scientists could grow the human cardiovascular system from stem cells

The human cardiovascular system is an intricate, complex network of blood vessels that include arteries, capillaries and veins. These structures distribute blood from the heart to all parts of the body, from our head to our toes, and back again. 720 more words

Stem Cell Research

Stiff Vessels and Low Blood Flow in the Brain Forewarn of Dementia

Summary: Researchers report harmful plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease may build up in the brain as a result of high blood pressure and decreased cerebral blood flow. 1,604 more words


Stem cell-derived blood-brain barrier gives more complete picture of Huntington’s disease

Like a sophisticated security fence, our bodies have evolved a barrier that protects the brain from potentially harmful substances in the blood but still allows the entry of essential molecules like blood sugar and oxygen. 620 more words

Stem Cell Research

What Can Trigger a Raynaud’s Attack?

For those who have Raynaud’s disease, you may find that the blood vessels to your fingers and toes tend to overreact to certain situations by limiting blood flow — turning your fingers white or blue! 60 more words

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List of foods that increase sexual desire


List of foods that increase sexual desire – A declining sex can be addressed one of them by selecting the sex-enhancing… 368 more words