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Behcet's Disease

What is Behcet’s disease?

Behcet’s disease is an autoimmune vascular disease that affects the body’s arteries and veins and is characterized by the inflammation and destruction of large and small… 438 more words

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What's all this about "dependencies"?

What is it that makes Dynamic Evolution superior to Darwinian Evolution? By far the majority of questions raised by readers of Dynamic Evolution involve a difficulty in understanding the concept of “ 914 more words

Infinity Cube

Join me Tuesday, February 17 at 7pm CST TO HEAR doc to Rouse discuss the circulatory system and blood vessels n

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Tips for lifelong vision health

Your vision health is important; it’s never too late to start caring for your eyes. Keep the following tips in mind and you’ll be seeing your visual health in a whole new light. 295 more words

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How cholesterol affects your heart's health

When most people hear “cholesterol” they think “evil.” Like most things in life, the reality is more complex; cholesterol can be very bad and very good. 833 more words

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Migraine Headaches Are Not Just In Your Head

When you hear the word migraine do you think of a disease or a headache? Most people would answer that by saying a headache. Well, they are partially right. 607 more words

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Artificial Heart

My heart pumps blood to all of the organs, tissues, and cells in my body through blood vessels (arteries and veins).

An artificial heart says I care and you’re not alone… 55 more words

A Patient Voice