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Nutrient On Vitamin C

Time and time again, we hear experts sing the praises of vitamin C. Why is it so incredibly essential?

Well, Rianna Loving, founder of organic skincare brand ORGO Beauty, says the nutrient is responsible for creating and maintaining collagen—the “glue that holds the body together.” Specifically, this antioxidant strengthens blood vessels and gives skin its elasticity and strength. 347 more words

Are Vascular Diseases Preventable?

Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases that affect arteries and veins; blood vessels. Vascular disease is caused by weakness, inflammation and fatty deposits in the blood vessels. 232 more words


Mechanical Menagerie Compilation #2: Medical Technology


This invention may shock you, leave you dumbfounded or even cause you to doubt your sanity. But, you can now look at your veins while they’re still in your skin!!!!!! 350 more words


"Myths" About An Experimental Chemical Compound Activates An \'exercise Sensor\' Protein May Actually Be Right

An experimental chemical compound

A study has identified a protein senses when the body exercising and act on the blood vessels to influence circulation. According to research, the researchers experimented with “ 346 more words

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One day, scientists could grow the human cardiovascular system from stem cells

The human cardiovascular system is an intricate, complex network of blood vessels that include arteries, capillaries and veins. These structures distribute blood from the heart to all parts of the body, from our head to our toes, and back again. 720 more words

Stem Cell Research

Stiff Vessels and Low Blood Flow in the Brain Forewarn of Dementia

Summary: Researchers report harmful plaques associated with Alzheimer’s disease may build up in the brain as a result of high blood pressure and decreased cerebral blood flow. 1,604 more words