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Mystery Solved: How Lyme Disease Bacteria Spread Around the Body

When you’re bitten by a tick carrying the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, the microbes travel through your bloodstream and can eventually spread to the heart, joints and nervous system. 192 more words


Five ways bioengineers want to use 3-D printing

Now that 3D printing has made it easier to generate custom-made prosthetics, bioengineers are looking ahead at manufacturing actual cellular material. Such technology could be the basis for personalized biomedical devices; tissue-engineered skin, cartilage, and bone; or even working bladders. 38 more words


Effects Of Secondhand Pot Smoke: Exposure May Be Just As Harmful To Blood Vessels As Tobacco

A new study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association suggests that secondhand smoke is dangerous to our cardiovascular system, regardless of whether it comes from marijuana or tobacco. 522 more words


Fun Facts About Blood


  • 8 percent of your body weight is blood
  • coconut water can be used in emergencies as a substitute for blood plasma
  • pregnant women have 50% more blood by week 20 of pregnancy than they did before they conceived…
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"Young Blood" by Creation Moments

YOUNG BLOOD by Creation Moments

“His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone.” (Job 41:24)

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Building Better Blood Vessels

Regenerative medicine continues to flourish. Yet it is still a major breakthrough when new techniques are demonstrated to be both safe and effective in humans. One area with great promise is in the successful grafting of blood vessels in patients with renal disease. 1,290 more words