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Blood: The blueprint to control brain?

Blood: Neurons calling, I must go

Blood ebbs and flows throughout the body, carrying various hormones and nutrients and catering to the needs of the entire body. 1,066 more words


What? Wait. Why?

Leaves on the trees here in Ohio turn from varying shades of green to a glorious array of reds, oranges, yellows and browns in the Fall.   861 more words


Even small reductions in kidney function may damage heart, blood vessels

http://ift.tt/1l4ebm0 Even small reductions in kidney function are associated with heart and blood vessel damage, according to new research.

Natural Treatments Every Prepper Should Know

You live during a world where so-called modern wonder drugs, laboratories, and equipment have obscured a lot of primitive yet extremely effective kinds of… 224 more words


Researchers 3D Print Blood Vessels for Brain-on-a-Chip Platform

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is involved in some pretty exciting research, including, but not limited to, 3D printing graphene and 3D printing metamaterials with unique properties and geometric structures.  71 more words

Medical Technology

What are Blood Vessels?

The blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system that transports blood throughout the human body. There are three major types of blood vessels: the arteries, which carry the blood away from the heart; the capillaries, which enable the actual exchange of water and chemicals between the blood and the tissues; and the veins, which carry blood from the capillaries back toward the heart. 67 more words


Creative Minds: Fighting Cancer with Supercomputers

After graduating college with degrees in physics and computer science, Amanda Randles landed her dream first job. She joined IBM in 2005 to work on its Blue Gene Project, which had just unveiled the world’s fastest supercomputer. 660 more words