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Bunny: Part 4

A day later I went to walk out my door, when upon opening I found a large crate of eggs and frozen chickens. I thought to myself: “Could these be from the same chickens I gave to Bunny the other night? 377 more words

F. E. Esparza

Each day is a gift...

Every day we travel through a world filled with the unknown. Our existence centered on being over here at a certain time, over there later in the day, a meeting with friends, or hustling constantly checking our electronic organizers. 819 more words


Helloooo Nurse!!!: Brandy and Blood

For the most part I’ve been drinking my spirits straight for the past few months, but since summer is coming up my taste buds are leaning back to cocktails and things a bit more refreshing. 161 more words

V is for Visitor #AtoZChallenge

They drove in silence. Jessica folded her hands in her lap and glued her eyes to the glove compartment in front of her. Occasionally, at a red light or stop sign, Bruce turned to her, opened his mouth to speak. 863 more words

Short Fiction

Your Will Be Done

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Luke 22:39-45
39 Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him.
40 On reaching the place, he said to them, … 901 more words

U N I T E D - U N I Together Evangelize & Disciple

But I cannot get you out

Around 2 years ago, I was obsessed with this song and the emotions behind it. My family was sick of hearing it over and over and over again on my guitar. 11 more words

Experimenting with Blood

Having seen how successful Quinn’s ‘Self’ was being created from blood, I decided to push my work forward and start experimenting with blood. I approached a local butchers who kindly let me take some blood which he had drained from a beef carcass, and wanted to create a piece which had a similar effect to my wax monoprints. 60 more words