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Stagnant Water

Sitting here all day, I feel stagnant.

Like water that’s been sitting in a confined area for a lengthy period of time,

Unable to move, unable to flow freely and see the world… 195 more words


The legends about Vlad the Impaler

There are a lot of legends about Vlad the Impaler , confusing him with the vampire count.
Most of them derive from the stories fabricated about him during his imprisonment by Mathias Corvin, the traders from Brasov and Sibiu, his rival to the throne of Wallachia or even by the Turks . 543 more words


23 East Violet Row

A shrill ring pierced the silence of Number 23 East Violet Row, stealing Julie L. Palmer, mid face powdering, from her dressing table to the telephone downstairs.  754 more words

Creative Writing

Frodo Loses a Finger, And Saves the World

I’d rather not think about Frodo getting his finger bitten off by Gollum at the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s one of those things you’d rather not think about, but you can’t really forget it once it’s recalled. 591 more words


REVIEW: Distraint

Status: Released

Developer: Jesse Makkonen

Publisher: Jesse Makkonen

Genre: 2D psychological horror adventure

Release date: 21th October 2015

Type: Single-player

Distraint is psychological horror adventure game with very powerful moments of sadness and terror. 876 more words


6th February 2016

Day 20. The last of the zombies that we can see has moved further from the house, apparently ambling away into the road having lost interest. 318 more words