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I Did What For A Shirt?

Before I start this story please note, I didn’t mean to lie. Do not ever lie to a medical professional, even if a cool shirt is on the line. 740 more words

Inspirational Post: Donating Blood

So, this morning I was feeling a little down but then I received this text and it brought things into perspective. Sometimes I may not appreciate my own existence but it doesn’t matter as long as I’m leaving a mark on the world for the better, and a simple blood donation that I made saved approximately three lives!! 8 more words

Bloody Good

Why do you say bloody good ? I ponder.
Although giving yourself up
To someone, can be bloody sometimes. 
All those emotions, like goosebumps,
The red blush, the knife through the ribs, 138 more words


Why Bards Are Blue !

Had it not been, dialect of pain
Would still it be, a skill profound
To bare a truth, is a fear profane
In shades azure, that lone abound! 88 more words