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The Person Before His Offering!

I sit and ponder over these two common words in the Christian vocabulary; ‘Offering’ and ‘Acceptance’, then the verse in Genesis 4:4 hits me. It reads: … 234 more words

Summer Madness

Things have been so busy here – I apologise for not posting as often as I’d like!  This month I am studying the heart and circulatory system, and herbs that benefit and aid both.  447 more words


Introduction:  Large Metal Rod Impales Through Mans Head

Hello and welcome, users. How are you doing in this fine and lovely rock? My guess is good, and if that’s true (and I hope it is) then may your attitude reflect upon who you are today, tommorow and then some. 533 more words


Blood and Harmonicas

Today has had its ups and downs. It ranged from children nearly passing out at the sight of tremendous amounts of blood to nasally performed harmonica playing. 945 more words

The Story So Far

selling life/buying stories/"future shock"

Granted, I write a blog on a social network, but the intellectual property problem of social networking is that social networking has turned emotions/likes/life stories/personal narrative into the ultimate fetish commodity. 63 more words


[Repost; Fanfiction] I'm Dexter; Dexter Morgan.

My first touch at ‘first person narrative’. Dexter fanfic; more like a compilation of Dexter’s best narration from the show. This chapter can’t compare with the show because it lacks his deep and intoxicating voice, the dark narration, the ineffable theme music to accompany but I’ve tried hard to reconstruct it all, so yeah give it a shot and I won’t be continuing it. 1,180 more words