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The dawn of a new Altcoin era (or, the death of litecoin)

The plummeting value of legacy coins like LTC is very telling for what the future holds. A new era of altcoins has cropped up, taking the place of the coins that we found our profit in. 181 more words


How to Clean Blood Vessels From Cholesterol Residue In 40 days

In order to protect your heart and overall health, you should find an effective way to cleanse the arteries in order to remove the accumulation of toxins and fat, and to boost their elasticity. 43 more words

Blood by PHEMCast

There is the potential for significant controversy in this month’s episode – and we would really appreciate the feedback of the prehospital community on this one.

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I clipped my hand in between 2 objects and there's a very small pool of blood under the skin. Should I leave it or poke a hole so it drains?


Leave it alone. Opening the skin will increase the chance of infection.


Leave it alone. Protect the skin from getting punctured by putting a bandage over it; it will heal on its own.



The Propagandist

The fact of the matter, ain’t the matter of the fact
Nor he promised to be, ever, truth-teller
Messiah, we made, of that artifact
His black and white lies, a bestseller! 110 more words


Salvation N/A

The Sun has a twin sister and they take shifts watching over us.

Blood floods.

Dreams die slow.

Pain rains.

Souls scream no.

The Tired reek. 43 more words


FICTION -- Stuck

It’s just past Valentine’s, I’m 23 years old and soon, I’m going to eat somebody.

When the outbreak started, I mean, really first started and tiny rumours like petulant scorpions ran haphazardly through the unit – most of us just shrugged and carried on. 623 more words

Twisted Sister