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That Damn Tattoo Gun!

Miss Eve and i were invited to a nice intimate gathering at the home of Sir Noyes, hosted by him and coldbreeze the other night. There was another interesting visit when we went to the, sometimes monthly gathering. 392 more words

Property Of Eve

Inncoence: Chapter One

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Bullets sprayed from behind her, she had not realized the full scale of what was going on. Her blood stained face held teary eyes as she shook her mother’s lifeless body. 1,312 more words

Rupi Kaur said…

… “Our backs tell stories

no books have the spine to carry.”

Kaur isn’t wrong. Our backs do indeed tell stories no books have the spine to carry.

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The Only One: Chapter One

The rain poured down like a blanket over the city. The rich were jumping in their cars and being driven off to their comfortable homes where warm meals awaited them and a burning warm fireplace was lit, but in the poorer regions we weren’t so lucky, we weren’t so accommodated. 2,179 more words

An Altruistic Act - Do Good Feel Good Campaign

What is that one thing you cannot miss when you open the newspapers every morning, irrespective of which part the country you may be in? Deaths being caused by different strains of dengue as a particular blood type was not available to be given to the patient! 368 more words


White Offerings

Last night, a clip of Jade appeared, filmed so tenderly I was surprised we were allowed to see it. It was just… really loving camera work. 2,010 more words


Six week update

All I’ve wanted to do for weeks is have sex. All I’ve thought about is sex. Gay, sweaty, leathery, kinky sex. Ahem…

Last night my partner finally wanted to have sex with me for the first time in weeks, or maybe months; I’ve lost track. 345 more words