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Who's Your Daddy?

As I look back on the last 18 months of my life, there is so much to review. I’ve survived not one, but two, life threatening events that have shown me how much I have to be grateful for in this life. 978 more words


Watch "I Am Here - Bruce Yates 2013" on YouTube

A Dad’s Tribute Song To His Son

A Father puts pen to paper and composes this song in retrospect and reflection after his eldest son suffered a life threatening stroke. 83 more words


NeNe Leakes Shares With Dr. Oz Regarding Her Recent Episode With Blood Clots (Pulmonary Embolisms)

Just in case you may have missed the interview Dr. Oz did with Nene Leakes on his show today,  here it is. I was so excited to have not only in the sharing of another survivor’s story, but that it was shared publicly, honestly, and most importantly BRAVELY. 169 more words


Sidney Penner’s Blood Clot Story - NATT Organization

Another story shared by a fellow survivor who I have had the opportunity meet and the pleasure to get to know over the past year. Sydney’s story can now be viewed and shared thanks to the NATT Organization at… 163 more words


Hair Care FYI

Still wishing some things didn’t take soooo much effort turned into exertion…but I digress

I’ve been receiving questions regarding what I use for hair product due to the situation of thinning and losing my hair last year and now this year its back in full force and extremely healthy. 74 more words


Surviving A Silent Killer - The Whole Story

By Lisa Cowan Wells in Surviving A Silent Killer (DVT and PE’s)

What a DAY! Something thought improbable became attainable and accomplished!! As survivors of DVT/PEs its not the physical issues that reek havotic, it’s the mental frustrations, doubts, fears, and inabilities that are the hardest to overcome. 1,056 more words