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Derby Day Bloodhound wearing a Bowler hat

This is a 9×12 color pencil drawing I recently completed for Derby Day.

Bloodhound wearing a Bowler hat.



The Martian Carrot

I’m on the scent.

Like bloodhound nose to the ground, floppy tail to the air, I am on the trail of something bloody exciting!

In the nascent days of the hunt for novel #19, I have stumbled across a juicy historical find that is ripe for literary license. 114 more words


Engineering & STEM Skills Shortage? Your Social Responsibility - Make a Difference!

Engineering & STEM Skills Shortage? Your Social Responsibility – Make a Difference!


“Engineering roles hardest to fill as skills shortage continues” 1,693 more words


Help! My face has fallen and can't get up!

I’ve long suspected that death visits us while we sleep and strokes our faces, pinching and pulling as he whispers Gollum-like, “Oh, my precious.” How else explain this stretched out skin that has lost its elasticity. 334 more words


Dog Accidentally Recieves Seventh Place In Half Marathon

On the 17th of January in Elkmont, Alabama, April Hamlin let her bloodhound Ludivane out of the back door to pee. An hour and a half later Ludivane had come seventh in a local half marathon, all without her owner even noticing that she had gone. 310 more words


Pet Painting #12 Oakley

“Oakley” Acrylics on 12×12 canvas

Bloodhounds are one of my all time favorite dogs.

I think my affection for them started when I saw the 1973 Disney animated version of Robin Hood. 209 more words


Dog Goes Out to Pee, Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, Comes in 7th

It’s easily done really. You go out to pee, you go for a little wander, and suddenly you find yourself competing in a half-marathon.

Well, it’s easily done when you’re a two-and-a-half-year-old bloodhound, who likes to roam around town.

90 more words