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Dog Accidentally Recieves Seventh Place In Half Marathon

On the 17th of January in Elkmont, Alabama, April Hamlin let her bloodhound Ludivane out of the back door to pee. An hour and a half later Ludivane had come seventh in a local half marathon, all without her owner even noticing that she had gone. 310 more words


Pet Painting #12 Oakley

“Oakley” Acrylics on 12×12 canvas

Bloodhounds are one of my all time favorite dogs.

I think my affection for them started when I saw the 1973 Disney animated version of Robin Hood. 209 more words


Dog Goes Out to Pee, Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon, Comes in 7th

It’s easily done really. You go out to pee, you go for a little wander, and suddenly you find yourself competing in a half-marathon.

Well, it’s easily done when you’re a two-and-a-half-year-old bloodhound, who likes to roam around town.

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Bloodhound Brody

People hire me to find things for them.  I have a special skill that may not seem like a big deal at first blush, but if you think about, you’d realize just how useful it can be.  4,113 more words


Hi! My name is Winston


My name is Winston. I am a 7 year old bloodhound with canine wisdom. I have an opinion about everything from politics to medicine and everything in between. 699 more words

What had been a bright blue 1969 Camaro containing the remains of three teenagers was pulled out of Foss Lake In October of 2014.   The muscle car  was submerged in 12 feet of water about 50 feet from the end of a boat ramp. 

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