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musicology #0659

Earl Sixteen – Changing World

https://themusicologist.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/earl-sixteen-changing-world.mp3Jumping back into themusicologist saddle with this Top ranking, Augustus Pablo produced Late 70’s piece of social critique, courtesy of the Majestic Earl ’16’ Daley. 739 more words


musicology #0653 Perseverance

Tribute to DON Pedro #3

Count Lasher – Perseverance

Big piece of Mento from Jamaican musicologist and knowledgehustler supreme the great Terence Parkins aka Count Lasher whose lyricosity and verbal dexterity is as good as it gets… 1954 Release on the Caribou Label. 16 more words


musicology #0651- Let the Good Times ROLL

Tribute to DON Pedro #1

Louis Jordan – Let The Good Times Roll


cracking on with a new selection in tribute to a genuine living legend who i call Don Pedro, a KING amongst pawns who is an inspiration. 292 more words


musicology #0646

A.P Special #1

Jacob Miller – Baby I Love You So


New theme starting today and it’s all about the man Horace Swaby aka Augustus Pablo. 47 more words


musicology #0636

Bunny Scott – What’s The Use


Quick fling down and run today..shame as I enjoy and prefer to take my time over each and every post but today mans is on a hype ting and needs to make hay while the sun shine on this GLORIOUS winters day in Old London Town… 107 more words


musicology #0631

The Ethiopians – Life Is A Funny Thing


If you only listen to ONE tune from the(urban)musicologist’s Upsetter tribute it HAS to be this one from the Ethiopians. 86 more words