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At camp "disability didn't matter"

“Ooh / There is a camp I know/ and it lies on the Rideau / and they call it Merrywood / and you know, they really should.” 1,855 more words

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I wish [disabled] dolls existed when I was a kid

When I was little I pushed my red and blue kitchen booster seat around the floor on my tall knees, pretending it was a wheelchair for my doll. 638 more words

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BLOOM: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

When was the last time you tried something new? These past few months have been filled with opportunities to grow all because I decided to take one step out of my comfort zone. 359 more words


Sisters: 'Look at me, I'm disabled too!'

When I was a child doing physical therapy at Grandview, my younger sister Avery climbed into a nearby hand-bike and begun riding around the room calling out, “Look at me, I’m disabled too!” She wasn’t trying to be offensive or insinuating that I, somehow, had it better; she only wanted to fit in and have fun like me. 1,971 more words

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Feeling judged as a parent? Read this

Canadian parenting expert Ann Douglas spoke with BLOOM about her new book Parenting Through the Storm—a collection of strategies for raising children with mental health, behaviour or learning challenges, and maintaining your own health and happiness in the process. 2,986 more words

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