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Mat Honan wrote on Tuesday about Facebook, Inc.’s new augmented reality tools:

“Yes, someone can create a virtual painting, meant to beautify the city, or leave a virtual note to a loved one that reaches them at just the right moment, in just the right place.

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I know this is late but I wanted to briefly share a few thoughts on 60 Minutes‘ exclusive interview this past Sunday with billionaire philanthropist, media mogul, and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.   817 more words

This San Francisco court ruling that blocks the republican President Donald Trump’s plans to impose sanctions against sanctuary cities, nationwide, is temporary. The government is expected to appeal this ruling. 357 more words

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No stress please, we're Zulu

A study done last year by Bloomberg found South Africa to be the second most stressed country out of 74 surveyed. The title is currently held by Nigeria. 1,285 more words

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Opera Atelier's Médée

There are umpteen operas based more or less closely on the legends surrounding Medea, Jason, the Golden Fleece and the events afterwards in Corinth.  Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s 1693 version to a libretto by Corneille deals with the events in Corinth subsequent to Jason and Medea’s return with the fleece.   596 more words

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Startups like Juicero are incapable of seeing their own absurdities

It’s easy to see why Bloomberg’s April 19 story on Juicero, a startup that makes a juice machine, went viral so quickly. The internet loves nothing more than a good bit of schadenfreude, and Bloomberg served it cold with the tale of a fancy, $400 juicer that, when tested against bare human hands, utterly failed to deliver: 808 more words