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I would walk a 1000 miles

Greeting folks

Here is what I have been doing over the last 4 days:

On Sunday, myself and Lisette attended a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Holi organised by the Fylde Coast Hindu Society. 645 more words


Clarence the Bird Takes Bloomfield! Part 2: A Beautiful Friendship

Nevertheless, the bird persisted.

Call the little guy flighty, fragile, scrawny, left-leaning (or, at least, always left-facing), single-minded–heck, even a broken record! Sure, he could stand to put on a few ounces and what’s with that damn flipper-flapping all the time–give it a rest! 325 more words


The Unnatural Path

Capitalism requires people to live on an unnatural schedule. Middle management wants you to get to work as quickly as possible. At job interviews they often ask, “Do you have a car?” In their mind the only efficient way to get to work outside of New York city is to have a car. 562 more words


Clarence the Bird Takes Bloomfield! Part 1: Millvale Ave. and Beyond

Talk about a one-track mind! Freakin’ Clarence the Bird–him with his beaky-ass schnoz and big pointed wings looking more like fur than feathers. You try changing out of your gym clothes in that get-up–young fowl are merciless! 381 more words


Eye Opener

Hello all

Here is what I have been up to of late:

Last week, I sat on a licensing panel to consider an alcohol licence at a town centre hotel. 622 more words


F is for Bicycle

I am a utilitarian cyclist. When I ride my bicycle I wear street clothes. I do this to promote cycling as what it is, transport. I use my bicycle (when it is warm enough) to go grocery shopping, to make quick errands, to meet with clients and to go get coffee. 507 more words