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This post is purely a result of my own curiosity. I was reading a book and it mentioned the SOLO Taxonomy, which got me to wondering exactly how many taxonomies were out there! 594 more words

Developing high order thinking skills

In order to try and develop high order thinking skills, I am planning to use a starter which develops over time in each lesson to work through Blooms taxonomy as the unit progresses. 100 more words

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Relating Bloom’s Taxonomy and the TIMSS Cognitive Domains from a Mathematical Perspective

Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) cognitive domains are two of the most successful hierarchical models in classifying cognitive demands of educational objectives, assessments, and activities. 697 more words

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Appolonianism and Dionysianism

It is the two Greek Gods. Apollo is the God of order, wisdom, beauty and Dionysiac is God of disorder, stupidity, ugliness. Both are diametrically opposite in nature. 118 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy

"The Boss"

The poem “The Boss” – David Ignatow is compromised relationship between the boss and the employers. According, to the poem I came to know how the boss treats their employers and how the employers behaves. 103 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy

Levels of Understanding

I’ve spent a lot a time talking about Bloom’s Cognitive Domains lately. This is largely because I’ve been invited to speak at a number of institutions about Critical Thinking, and in every instance so far, the teachers have informed me that, in one way or another, their institutions encourage them to “use Bloom’s Taxonomy”. 2,953 more words


Literacy Strategies: Post-Reading

The following strategies are often employed post-reading, but they may be used at any time with adaptations. Click on the term below to read a brief summary of the strategy. 197 more words

Literacy Strategies