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Matrix Learning

Matrix learning is not a new concept, though it is something I have been implementing for the past two years at my school to incorporate student choice within a novel study unit. 583 more words

Blooms Taxonomy

OTRK12 2015: Inquiry and Blended Learning

Q1:  Introduce where you are from and your role. #OTRK12  #OTRK12inquiry

Minds On to Inquiry:  

Give three – get three


#21 -- Help Your Child’s Brain Bloom

 You may think you are just talking to yourself when you talk to your newborn, but you’re not. That little one is already observing and listening and learning your language. 756 more words

Child Development

Critical Thinking: Observation, Interpretation, Application

Colonel John Boyd (USAF) developed a theory around the decision cycle he called the OODA Loop. OODA stands for observe-orient-decide-act. The theory goes that in the constantly changing circumstances of air combat, the fighter pilot who makes the greater number of appropriate observation-based actions in a given period of time wins the aerial dogfight. 143 more words

A Case of Case-Based Learning

If health sciences instructors aren’t using case studies, then what the heck are we doing?

Ultimately our students’ careers will be a series of continuous case studies. 933 more words

ED-502 Research Journal

"The Mini Series"

A project that I have begun working on is called “The Mini Series”. This is a series of short media focused projects that provide students with the opportunity to create small projects as a means of experimenting with different sources and features. 136 more words