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DC News Brief: Czar Decrees Reverbing

DYSTOPIA–Dystopia College Verb Czar Obie Seth Witverben has decreed that henceforward all statements regarding student learning must contain one and only one verb, and that the verb must be singular in number, must be polysyllabic (at least four syllables preferred), must be selected from one of the top two boxes of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and must not contain more than 1.5 vowels. 137 more words

Redefining Teaching and Learning with the SAMR Model

#Flipped Classroom #Blended Learning #Buzz Words Galore!

Technology tops the list of areas experiencing an exponential pace of advancement.  What does it all mean?  At the end of the day, unless we’re improving the learning experience of students, what’s the point of using technology at all? 501 more words

Tech In The Classroom

Going for Gold

What do you need to do to go for the gold in asking or seeking questions?
  1. First, you need to listen
  2. You need to understand that questions, good questions, usually lead to more questions.
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Critical Thinking - Creating

Applying the Sixth Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Early Childhood Classroom

This is the sixth and final article in the series “Critical Thinking.” This article focuses on the sixth level of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Creating. 701 more words

Instructional Design

Part One- Bloom's Taxonomy

Oddly enough, throughout my journey in the Faculty of Education, I have never been taught what Bloom’s Taxonomy is despite its importance in the education field.  358 more words

First Post

Focus on Learning, not Technology

In an article for the Huffington Post, Ellen Murphy, Assistant Dean of Instructional Technologies & Design at Wake Forest University School of Law, outlines the most common myths about online learning. 327 more words


Learning: What's the Goal?

Learning as a Construction Job

How much did you learn today?  Based upon Bloom’s taxonomy, this is the wrong question to ask.  The ‘soaking up’ and regurgitating of facts represents thinking only at the lowest skill level, that of remembering. 725 more words