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Higher Order Thinking Skills in Minecraft

I have uploaded my first video to YouTube (please be kind interwebs).

I Identified all three Higher Order Thinking Skills in Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy – analyzing, evaluating, and creating.  36 more words

Research On Games

Bloom's Taxonomy

If you are a visual learner like me and do not have a clear understanding about traditional learning theories, specifically Cognitivism or information-processing, then this website is for you. 62 more words


Writing Objectives for Music Students

Objectives are essential to good teaching and effective learning. They articulate what students are expected to do and provide the framework for assessing student work. Both teacher and student can easily lose their way if they are not guided by well formed learning objectives. 1,261 more words

Music Education

What's the big ID?*

*Instructional Design

I recently explained how I more or less backed into my profession of instructional design, or ID  — as in “I had no ID how to train those people properly” perhaps. 471 more words


TEACHING & Bloom's Taxonomy Explained ... What Does It Mean for My Teaching?

by Bob Whitesel Ph.D., 5/18/15.

Today I was mentoring an adjunct faculty member.  He has a wide-breadth of knowledge and will do a fine job teaching for us. 142 more words


Souvenirs Remembered - My List (From Toblerone to Jenga)

A popular way of supporting and jogging memory is to write things down in lists.

Shopping lists, To-Do lists, Guest Lists and Checklists are among the first to come to mind. 1,137 more words

CAT (Coaching + Assessing + Training)

Use cubing to entice your students into prewriting activities

My favorite prewriting organizer is a mindweb because of its informality and flexibility.

But I have recently discovered another organizer—the cube—which I am sure to use more of. 674 more words

Prewriting Organizer