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Bloom's Taxonomy Good "Then" and Great for "Now"

I have often wondered which question words I could use as I worked up to higher level thinking. http://www.teachtought.com has done it again to find things on the web to help us be more effective. 44 more words

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8.2 Growing and Developing Professionally – Teacher welcomes feedback from colleagues when made by supervisors or when opportunities arise through professional collaboration [1]. During my internship I consistently welcomed the specific oral and written feedback provided by my mentor teacher, my dean of students, and my supervisor [1]. 243 more words

First lessons first

New GCSE specifications mean that students will, more than likely, be faced in their exams with questions that will be unfamiliar. However hard they work in their own preparations, and however many lessons we teach them, and however well, in the exam room they are alone with their mindset. 482 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy

Challenge #5 Technology Models

There are two models for educational technology which explore what components can help integrate technology into education. Early in the semester I did a screen cast of the SAMR model. 489 more words

Bloom's Taxonomy - Digital Pathways

This is an incredibly useful summary on how to apply digital resources to scale Bloom’s Taxonomy. Thank you to our friends at Educator’s Technology for their work in compiling this. 44 more words


Assessing Creative Problem Solving

Can creative problem solving be assessed? While majoring in Fine Arts/Advertising Design in undergraduate school at Wayne State University, I was continuously assessed not only on the technique of the medium used to create the work of art but also the creative process behind it and my ability to problem solve. 739 more words

Creative Problem Solving

U is for Understanding


We take understanding for granted sometimes believing that our point of view is identical to others. We think that everyone thinks like us, but they don’t. 430 more words

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