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mLearning, or Mobile Learning, allows users to access content in a variety of locations using mobile devices.  Several applications are pre-loaded with material to help individuals learn new content.   1,059 more words

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Goodbye Summer. Hello SAMR. Part 3

How would you decide on where you stand in the SAMR model? Always start with your learning outcome. What is it that you want your learners to accomplish? 131 more words


Goodbye Summer. Hello SAMR. Part 2

The SAMR model is sometimes explained and depicted as a swimming pool with a shallow end and extending to the deep section. You would be correct to think that the shallow end represents the substitution and augmentation phases while the deep end represents the transformative part of the model. 499 more words


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Amazon Storybuilder

Amazon Storybuilder provides an interactive “corkboard” with moveable notecards for planning stories. It’s primary purpose is for use as a storyboard for screenwriting. Templates are available for movies and television shows as well as for some “Great Stories,” such as Alice in Wonderland. 1,007 more words

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Update 5: Hints on how to challenge the top end

You may recall that Update 1 was about challenge and the idea of planning from the ‘top down’ rather than ‘bottom up’. This update seeks to build on that by providing some hints, tips and practical examples that can help you with this. 80 more words

Professional Inquiry Goal

I am taking one Master’s course this fall. I have been busy learning how to deliver two new curricula, preparing Conference and Professional Development presentations, co-moderating a… 341 more words



blurb provides a plethora of options for publishing written work.  This option is best suited for older students (middle school or older).  As with other publishing options, it provides a means for students to experience a real world outlet for their work.   106 more words

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