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How Admins Can Empower Teachers with Personalized PD PT. 2 #adminchat #IAedchat #pdchat

In a previous post, I described the need to change Professional Development (PD) for teachers in order to empower them. This is done by re-framing the allotted time that teachers have to research, implement, and share new instructional strategies that lead to positive learner outcomes. 545 more words


Reactions to Action Plans (Part II)

Being a blogger, I’m always hesitant to make posts that are really long, but, I also mentioned in the previous post on action plans that I had to make two. 792 more words


LEC4: Module 3 Reflection

Write a post that briefly describes the activity you would create and how you might minimize possible challenges students and the teacher might have to address. 506 more words


Understanding Rigor

For several years “Rigor” has been the buzz word in education. We hear about rigor from the content offices, administrators, and department chairs. With as much as rigor is discussed and expected in the classrooms there is always that underlying feeling of confusion. 598 more words


10 Guiding Questions for Evaluating OER Lesson Plans

The idea behind open educational resources (OER) is a good one, but open access sometimes means compromising quality. Especially when it comes to lesson plans. What you get with an OER lesson plan usually amounts to a seed of a good idea, but a lack of detail can make implementation difficult. 461 more words

Instructional Design

[Esai] “Bloom’s Taxonomy” dalam Pembelajaran Sastra

(Foto oleh: Nila Hapsari)

Dalam istlah pendidikan, Bloom’s Taxonomy adalah suatu cara pengelompokkan yang digunakan untuk membedakan tingkat kognitif manusia yang berhubungan dengan pemikiran, pemahaman dan pembelajaran. 972 more words


So Many Questions!

One of the the topics that came up this week in the was the technique of using questioning while teaching.

It is a topic that I always find very amusing since I was once the involved in assisting a trainer that was teaching a health and safety course on confined spaces. 475 more words