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Second Critical Review

Critical Review 

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Ertmer, P. A., Richardson, J. C., Belland, B., Camin, D., Connolly, P., Coulthard, G., … & Mong, C. (2007). Using peer feedback to enhance the quality of student online postings: An exploratory study. 8 more words


Slightly less difficult books

I recently read Paul Bloom’s book Descartes’ Baby while simultaneously reading Daniel Dennett’s Content & Consciousness. Of these two, the latter falls a bit under the “ 287 more words


Reflection 6 (EDU 6160) - Using Student Grades and Test Results to Evaluate Teachers and School Districts

Tying student grades to teacher effectiveness is far from a reasonable concept. Grades reflect not the competence of the teacher, but the varying levels of performance among students in the classroom. 139 more words


Management: Strategic Planning

The paper should be written in lit review form, which includes ” Cover Page, Table of Contents, Abstract, Body, and bibliography”.

Make an order by contacting… 105 more words


Social Justice in a Museum World

Just a small town girl moving into a great big world.

When I decided to attend Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis in April, I imagined many things. 619 more words

It's an Assessment Problem, NOT a Cheating Problem. #edchat

I scrolled across the image below on my Facebook feed. It was posted by a group I follow called We Are Teachers. It shows one method that students use to “outwit” the teacher and cheat on tests. 655 more words

Blooms Taxonomy

Criminoligy: Criminal Justice

We have considered: The critical incidents that have led up to learning The situation in which the learning occurred How the learning took place That which was actually learned Artifacts that would validate the learning And… how that learning has been or might be applied in other scenarios This week we will begin to pull it all together in the narrative.First, we will discuss the narrative in general terms. 1,018 more words

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