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Web 2.0 Tools Continued

Following class presentations on several different Web 2.0 Tools for the classroom, I have chosen three that I would be interested in using. Listed below are descriptions of how to access and use each tool, its alignment with Bloom’s Taxonomy, and ideas of how to use them in the classroom. 925 more words

Writing Good Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes

These two resources will help you write good learning objectives and learning outcomes for your online course.
  1. Writing Learning Outcomes by Marjorie Vai and Kristen Sosulski (2011) Check the book’s website for models of good online course design: …
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Online Course Design

Bloom's Taxonomy

In the 1950s, Benjamin Bloom, along with several other educators, developed a taxonomy to define the levels of cognitive skills from the simplest to the most complex. 1,322 more words

Module 6:Assessment Planning & Construction, Reporting & Feedback

After reading all the resources provided to us by our Prof. in this module about assessment planning, construction, reporting and feedback, I must say that I have gained a wider perspective that will equip me in my future endeavors about the topic. 740 more words

EDS 113

Tools and Application?

In class we are doing group presentations to show tools and ideas for assessment and how to use and adapt them. So far the presentations have been helpful and exciting, despite focusing on other subject areas. 686 more words

Why flipped learning has got me excited

I’ve been pretty busy lately working on projects and doing courses. Sometimes (especially when I arrive home from a hard day at school, exhausted and still have 25 essays to correct…) I wonder why I do this to myself, but then I do a course like EVO flipped learning 2017 and remember why. 2,034 more words

Lesson Ideas

Creating Collections in your Bullet Journal

How’s it going? You may have noticed a gap in our mini-series last week, my birthday celebrations continued for over a week so I took some time off! 434 more words