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Neuromyths and Educational Psychology: A Persistent Problem

Educational psychology in teaching practice is a hotly contested issue within education. As personal development is becoming an increasingly important part of being a teacher, research into educational psychology and understanding how children and adolescents best learn is being focused in more prominently. 772 more words


Redefining Teaching and Learning

#Flipped Classroom #Blended Learning #Buzz Words Galore!

Technology tops the list of areas experiencing a bell curve pace of advancement.  But what does it all mean?   157 more words

Educational Technology

STUDENT SUCCESS & How to create and receive approval for an independent study at Wesley Seminary

by Bob Whitesel D.Min. Ph.D., 9/5/17.

Students often request the “independent study”  or IP option as a replacement for a course that isn’t offered within a reasonable timeframe. 493 more words


Blooms Digital Taxonomy

If you have anything to do with education, chances are you’ve heard of Blooms Taxonomy.  It used to look a little something like this:

Essentially, the purpose of Blooms Taxonomy is to classify how people learn and comprehend information that is presented to them.   973 more words

STUDENT SUCCESS & Bloom's Taxonomy Explained ... What It Means for Student Learning

by Bob Whitesel Ph.D., 10/23/17.

When a student is in graduate school, they are expected to “think at a higher level” than they would while pursuing an undergraduate degree. 933 more words


More On Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

In order to work effectively with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, we must understand two dimensions of learning: cognitive process, and knowledge. Cognitive process describes what thought task a learner is performing on a given text or focus. 1,322 more words

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Knowledge Organisers

This year I taught and designed new scheme for A-Level History The British Experience of Warfare 1790 to 1918. Daunting as it is to deliver something completely new, as a historian it is wonderful to get the opportunity to indulge in reading and research and to design learning activities for students. 384 more words