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Bebeh Blorp Gets His Drink On

[*Note- could also be ‘Her Drink On.’ FYI. -Ed.]

This Manatee Mini-Blorp was orphaned :( so he/she was taken to a rescue facility in Peru. 9 more words

I Want This Job

You get PAID to take care of and play with Pandas. In the Big J. Sign. Me. Up. (P.S. Wait ’til the 1:11 mark.)

Second video from Megan.

Longue Duree

Last week’s thoughts about the Future Library ended with me touching on the idea that I (and most of the people involved in the project, I guess) will never know how it works out, and never get to find out what exactly Margaret Atwood’s book is all about. 1,257 more words


Nuthin' Like A Little Panda Blorp..

…to get you through the day. Look at how these Round Mounds O’ Fluff nom that bamboo!

Live Alaskan Blorp!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has partnered with the group Explore.org to set up a live webcam of these Blorps, hunkered on Bristol Bay in the Bering Sea in Southwest Alaska. 14 more words

How To Properly Deploy The Privacy Tail (+ RULES!)

“This is my fabulous Rosemary and her even more fabulous belleh in her favorite relaxation position. Please note the exemplary deployment of the Privacy Tail. 50 more words