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Blue Days?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say we are occasionally struck by blue Monday syndrome so why not have the odd blue Friday as well? 42 more words


Subtle Sunday

Last week Ailsa’s post got me thinking of doing a few Subtle Sunday posts of my own… so, when Cocoa up North commented that she liked the idea I committed to going with the flow. 54 more words


Blue Monday?

No… not really. This was taken yesterday and when I see my first bluebells of the season then all is well. Let’s hope summer arrives soon and that it’s another good one!! 14 more words


A Little Gem!

I’m going to be a man of few words for the next two or three weeks. I have set myself a deadline for submitting short stories to a few publishers so I’ll spend as much time as possible polishing the five or six tales I’ve selected. 36 more words


Happy Frilly Snap!

Last week’s frilly daff post has a squeal. Here’s the GLW and her phone… at doing what people should not be doing with phones! Anyway, who am I to argue? 42 more words


Spring Is On The Way... Maybe!

This is one of the fastest posts I’ve done to date. Why? The wind is roaring… our power supply is intermittent so while we have some this is going to the server!! 7 more words


F.. Fi.. Friday!!

How many of us are only living for Friday and the ensuing the weekend? So wrong really! So, today could be flying Friday… or fishy Friday but in keeping with showing you the GLW’s pics I’ll make it floral Friday. 41 more words