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Review: Colection Secretary Silk Blouse in pinstripe

What: Collection secretary blouse in pinstripe by J.Crew

Season: Spring 2015

Material: 100% silk.

Quality: Excellent! Substantial silk, you do not really need to add a cami underneath. 64 more words


#159 Nautic Style (affordable)

#159 Nautic Style (affordable): Den Nautic Style finde ich in Deutschland im Sommer die letzten Jahren immer wieder. Das erinnert ja einen auch an Nordsee und Urlaub. 58 more words


MDL Blouse Miring Mustard

@49 bhn Twiscone +Belt LD100 P80
Order by sms/wa 081284612799

Annie Griffin Silk Blouse

Sometimes a beautiful shirt just makes me happy. Yep. This one included. I scored this beauty at Annie Griffin’s warehouse sale in Atlanta. I just fell in love with the colors. 91 more words


MDL Top Sweet Love

@45 bhn Spandek Fit L+
Order by sms/wa 081284612799

MDL Diva Grey

@45 bhn Spandek Full Print Fit L
Order by sms/wa 081284612799

The Artist in Me

I felt so artistic in this outfit!

I wore this ensemble to take my friend Kiersten’s photos (see Glamorous Graduate post for some pics!) and felt so artsy-fartsy with my boyfriend’s beautiful camera around my neck. 98 more words