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It's getting hot in here

In addition to everything else that can change the health of our hair, heat is another element that we have to be careful with.  Even the heat from the sun can have an effect on your hair.   471 more words

Is Your Hair Dryer Killing Your Hair?

Many of us use a blow dryer as part of our regular beauty routine, from a couple times a week to even daily.

But rather than make your mane look rad, all that hot air may actually be ruining your hair. 768 more words


How to make the "Hot Mess" Look

Who could deny that the most sexiest style is that messy, tousled, “I don’t care” hair? Everyone seems to spend so much time and effort trying to pin every individual hair in place, instead of just working with a natural tousled look. 531 more words


Hairstylist Tricks to Tame a Cowlick

Admit to having a cowlick in a room full of beauty lovers, and you’ll get half a dozen knowing groans. On the list of irritating hair situations, it’s definitely (stubbornly) sitting at the top. 371 more words


Surprising Daily Habits That Are Killing Your Hair

We’ve all memorized the traditional Hair Killers: Never put your hair up wet, never use hair elastics with metal clips and always refrain from blow drying your hair at a temperature above 400 degrees. 472 more words


Wand curls!

I did my hair yesterday! Yessuh! I have a problem.

I’m new to these products. Yesterday was my first time trying out the Argan shampoo. I can’t really say that I like it, being that it was my first time testing it out. 506 more words

Hair Care

Beauty find: dry hair in a bottle...

Raise your hand if you hate blow drying your hair, because it takes so dang long to blow it dry. ✋🙋 yes yes yes and YES! 297 more words