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Xtava Anemone Wind Flower 1875W Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

I am one of the few people who have had the chance to try quite a few different products offered by a company named “ 561 more words


XTAVA Collapsible Silicone Hair Diffuser for Blow Dryer

I am the kind of person who cherishes the last few minutes of sleep, when you are conscious, but just feel lazy enough to get up. 576 more words


Rants of a Cunt!

You know you’ve taken the Chewbacca style to far when you find yourself blow drying your pussy!!

I don’t get Valentine’s gifts but that’s fine. Because I get to have an extra layer of insulation during winter time!! Yeah!!!


My Everyday Hair Styling Routine with the B Blunt Blown Away Volumizing Hair Spray

Recently my hair has been falling very flat after every hair wash. Also, lately I have had a few events and parties to attend almost every day. 331 more words


Beauty Tips For Us Lazy Girls

Hey Dolls! It’s been a minute and I feel this post is only right. Listen, I’m a lazy girl. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not proud of it nor do I approve it but, us lazy girls, we are who we are and we have to stick together. 324 more words


Day 8: Hair

Post by Amanda Delzell, hair expert. Credentials:

There is no more difficult aspect of my appearance than hair. (And I am including the general ability to gain and retain weight much more quickly than, say, a certain male counterpart of mine.) 584 more words