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Thoughts on Motown the Musical and Writing

Last night I saw Motown the Musical at Miller Auditorium in Kalamazoo. The music was fun and inspiring. The performers were top-notch. I laughed and sang along. 366 more words

They Cannot Take Your Pride

Best wishes to you all around the world on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day! The nationally observed holiday set aside to honor the righteous civil rights advocate in the United States may be an American invention, but we can all appreciate his message of peaceful unity for all colors, creeds, and heritages. 785 more words

Into nature? Got a thing for drama? It's waiting...

This Halloween, take a tour with NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration site of some of the most terrifying and ‘mind’-blowing destinations in our galaxy. In this image, the nightmare world of HD 189733 b is the killer you never see coming. 125 more words


The Freewheelin Bob Dylan - 1963


Pure poetry. That’s what Bob Dylan offered with his monumental release at the beginning of his career in 1963 with The Freewheelin Bob Dylan… 363 more words

The Soundtrack Online

Bob Dylan Finally Speaks On Receiving Nobel Prize Award

Bob Dylan has appeared top be extremely nonplussed about being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.  The only reference he’s made to the prize was a short statement on his website that was quickly deleted within 24 hours. 181 more words


Tafsiran Permukaan dalam Lirik Lagu Blowin’ In The Wind karya Bob Dylan

Ulya Yurifta, M. Bismo Yudanto, Yudha Prasetya, Putera Sukindar, Ilham Fauzie, dan Reza Deni

(3 SI-S – Kelompok 4)


Bl­­­owin in The Wind merupakan lagu karya Bob Dylan. 216 more words

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