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Blu-ray: Not just a name but a beautiful future

We are living history and history is leaving us behind.  In the last decade there has been a complete paradigm shift in the way we experience movies and entertainment, yet we are no better prepared than we were back in 1996 when the first DVD was introduced in Japan.   799 more words

Rory Dean

Dolphin Tale (2011) Blu-ray

Inspired by a true story, anchored by a talented cast, Dolphin Tale is all family friendly and well intentions, a film about the affirmation of life not the jagged edges of tragedy and despair that scar, refuse to heal and get in the way of happy endings.  916 more words

Rory Dean

Happy Feet 2 (2011) Blu-ray

George Miller’s sequel to his wildly successful, Academy Award-winning animated feature Happy Feet (2006) returns with star-fueled funny and the same motion-capture dance choreography that endeared audiences the first time around but it lacks ambition and drive is an after thought, scattered by too many captains at the wheel.   907 more words

Rory Dean