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Hello once again and welcome to my last blog. So far you get to know who I am, where I am from, where my passion for travelling come from and how much trouble I go through every time before or during an adventure.

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Blue City

Chefchaouen "Blue City", Morocco

For my second day in Morocco, we headed to Chefchaouen, a.k.a. the Blue City. I was so excited to be finally be going to Chefchaouen because I had heard a lot about the city, as well as seen many beautiful pictures. 595 more words


The blue city - Johdpur

Our next call was Rajasthan’s second city, Johdpur. The city is famed for its blue houses sitting like LEGO blocks out of the hillside. The colour was originally used for the Brahmin caste however it keeps insects away and the property cool so is popular throughout the town with every caste. 227 more words

It's All About the Blue at chefchaoen in Morocco

It is all about the blue at Chefchaouen in Morocco, everything is painted blue and when you walk through the narrow streets all you see is blue walls, blue doors, blue window frames, blue plant pots, blue stairs and blue paths in all different shades of blue. 345 more words


Sun City

By Linda Tancs

Bright—and blue. That’s the way to describe Jodhpur, one of the largest cities in Rajasthan, a northwestern state of India. Bright for the sun-kissed weather year round, earning it the moniker “Sun City.” Blue is the color of choice adorning dozens of buildings in the old part of the city. 73 more words


Chefchaouen, The Blue City

I thought I was alone in my hostel, but I was wrong. I woke up to a cat curled up by my feet, and again, later, to him curled up by my neck. 1,936 more words