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ہندوستان کا ۔۔۔۔۔ نیلا شہر

ہندوستان کی ریاست راجھستان کے ایک قدیم قلعہ کے سائے تلے موجود جودھ پور ‘نیلا شہر’ کہلاتا ہے۔شہر کی تمام دیواریں نیلے رنگ سے مزین ہیں ، جو گرمیوں میں عمارتوں کو ٹھنڈا رکھنے میں مدد گار ہے۔

مقامی افراد کے مطابق،ماضی میں اونچی ذات ہندو اور براہمن کے لوگ

اپنے گھروں کو دوسروں سے نمایاں اور منفرد رکھنے کیلئے

اس رنگ کا سہارا لیتے تھے۔

بعد میں باقی آبادی نے بھی اس رواج کو اپنا یا

اور یوں پورےصحرائی شہر نے نخلستان رنگ اوڑھ لیا۔


Chefchaouen... Chefchaouen... Why are you so Blue!


Chefchaouen… my first recollection of this city was about two years ago when I was in my cubical randomly searching through pinterest.  I would take a 10 minute break so I would not go cookoo  for coco puffs after answering phones and dealing with some disingenuous people.   403 more words

Amin Jaffer selects Holi Festival and Blue City by Steve McCurry

Holi Festival (1983)
By Steve McCurry
Digital C-type print, printed 2015; from an edition of 30
Dimensions: 51 x 61 centimetres (20 x 24 inches); excluding frame… 279 more words


Zipping over the Blue City

My second day in Jodhpur was the set aside for the Palaces (and memorials and forts and #surprise!).

We started with the Umaid Palace. Built by the Maharajas of Marwar in the thirties to provide employment to their subjects during famine, this monument is one of the largest private residences in the world. 582 more words


Royal living in Jodhpur

Traveling in the off-season has its unique charm for me. The roads are filled with locals so you can get directions without stumbling into fellow map-less tourists. 719 more words


Blue City, Orange Smoke

I have seen it. I have been blind to all else since.

– Winter 2014-15 7 more words


Jodhpur, Rajasthan | India

Hello! These photos are from the third day of my trip to Rajasthan. These photos showcase the beautiful city of Jodhpur, also known as the ‘blue city’. 54 more words