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Blue Devil #5 (October, 1984)

So, Zatanna and Dan let Nebiros out of his demon dimension and he disappeared off to Mexico. That’s not great. From the Justice League station in orbit, we get our last glimpse of the now… 571 more words


Blue Devil #4 (September, 1984)

Well, I can’t lie. That cover’s a bit of a surprise–I didn’t expect to see Nebiros again, at least not so soon. This is also one of my first real reads of Zatanna, considering I saw her briefly whilst reading <i>Hellblazer</i> if memory serves (it would have been a Mike Carey issue, most likely), and that’s all¹. 840 more words


National Corvette Museum To Mark One-Year Sinkhole Anniversary With Special Ceremony

One year ago today, an enormous sinkhole opened up in the National Corvette Museum. Eight display corvettes were lost in the process. Despite the upsetting turn of events, this disaster ended on a positive note. 300 more words

Blue Devil #3 (August, 1984)

So, when last we left Dan, he’d just been through events that led him to dealings with new villain Shockwave and also the questionably-vehicled S.T.A.R. Labs, who were creating a super-kryptonite they’d really rather that Super-guy not find out about. 726 more words


Hollywood Daze: The Blue Devil

Heres a book thats been on the rise over the last few weeks, Fury of the Firestorm #24 – first appearance of the Blue Devil. 153 more words

Trinity War - Blue Devil Figure Review

~ Amber

Justice League Dark is all over these previews, and it’s starting to get a little blue.

The Sculpt

Even though this version of Blue Devil is definitely of the redesign featured in the Nu52 he’s very reminiscent of the first time we ever saw him in Collateral Damage. 558 more words


Blue Devil #2 (July, 1984)

Note: Whoops. I’ve been kinda busy. This tends to happen, I guess, though it’s super lame for it to happen a whopping two entries in. My apologies. 718 more words