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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #42: Crimson Fox

Since I seem to be on a roll lately for the humor era of the Justice League, I might as well tackle one more.  And hey, keeping with the unintended theme of those previous three, this character represents another ally nation from the European theater during World War II. 616 more words

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Blue Devils

The curtain closes,

After the waters are parted by Moses,

Crusaders tried to find what was right under their noses,

To be like the heaven sent, 107 more words


Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case Files #29: Ragman

DC Comics loves a good legacy hero.  What better way to explain how the same superhero name has been used by different people?  Names are passed along like Grandma’s most worthless paperweight that no one really wants and no one is willing to throw away either.   705 more words

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Meet Bascomb plus a special Hot Stuff story

Today we have another story from the awesomeness that is Larry T., hurrah! And it features the first appearance of Bascomb the chauffeur. Also, we have a first on this Richie Rich blog which is that a new fan club member was excited to find Richie stories, but was sad there were no pages dedicated to his favorite character, Hot Stuff. 531 more words

Blue Devil

Line: DC Universe Classics

Series: 13

Scale: 6 inch

Height: 6 inches

Comments: none


March Prophecy

Some upsets will be tragic,
Caused by a leprechaun’s magic.
But when the sun rises there will be no cheers from South Bend,
The devil will cause their end. 60 more words