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True Blue

Cool blue hues can help your garden become a calming and tranquil place. Of course, there aren’t many “true blue” flowering plants to be found, but we’ve come up with a few that could help you bring on the blue. 22 more words

Blue Flowers Watercolor Painting.

Miriam’s Art is pleased to exhibit her Blue Flowers watercolor painting.  Enjoy!

The dark blue of the flowers in the foreground draw the viewer’s eye immediately.  134 more words


From dormancy to delicate blue: 'Scilla natalensis' in the garden

Beautiful when it flowers and highly sought after for the traditional medicine trade, this member of the Hyacinth family is one of my favourite plants both in the wild and in our garden. 641 more words

Suburban Garden

Looks like a Salvia........Footscray Park

The flower looks like a Salvia and the leaves look like a Salvia (Sage), so it must be a Salvia I think :)  Can’t remember all the flowers I photographed last Thursday, but I mustn’t have been able to get close to this flower bed (for me to not get a close-up of a single flower).


Gentian Trifecta

I’ve mentioned that this spring and summer have been a time of flower exploration for me. Whereas in past years I  might travel to find certain bird species, this year I traveled around northern Ohio to see our various wildflowers as they bloomed.   637 more words


Friday flowers...ring those bells

Harebell. AKA bellflower, lady’s thimble, witch’s thimble, heathbells, fairies’ thimbles, or dead men’s bells.   These bells were still ringing in August in Wyoming.

Harebell was formerly used in the manufacture of blue dye for tartans and is the symbol of the MacDonald clan. 79 more words