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street name: Cornflower

god-given name: Centaurea cyanus

colors available: blue, white, pink, red, purple

meaning: n/a

seasonality: Spring

cost: $10 to $12 a bunch

Dropping Knowledge

I'd have named them Helical Irises

“Blue Curls” – Image Courtesy : http://npsot.org/wp/story/2013/3565/#


Beardtongue (Penstemon sp.)

The Beardtongues, or Penstemon in Latin are coming into full bloom. P. ‘Marguerita BOP’ is possibly the most planted, but other species are also in flower. 74 more words

California Native Plants

Blue anemone

I also have a bright red anemone flowering at the moment in my garden (pictures follow soon!). I have eliminated the background to better focus on this flower using Adobe Lightroom. 8 more words


My art adventure: acrylic painting

It all started with a dream, a book, some spare time out of Puerto Rico and of course, paint and brushes…and a canvas. I started painting for my grandson, Javier, just when he was born. 25 more words