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Gentian Trifecta

I’ve mentioned that this spring and summer have been a time of flower exploration for me. Whereas in past years I  might travel to find certain bird species, this year I traveled around northern Ohio to see our various wildflowers as they bloomed.   637 more words


Friday flowers...ring those bells

Harebell. AKA bellflower, lady’s thimble, witch’s thimble, heathbells, fairies’ thimbles, or dead men’s bells.   These bells were still ringing in August in Wyoming.

Harebell was formerly used in the manufacture of blue dye for tartans and is the symbol of the MacDonald clan. 79 more words


Westerman - Lie

Taken from his, Call And Response EP, West Londoner Westerman, shares with us all how he’s learning to Lie. 190 more words


We Planted A Few Flaxseeds Just For The Fun Of It

We have a jar of flaxseeds in our home, with the brown variety of flaxseeds that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The yellow or golden flaxseeds (also called golden linseeds) have similar nutritional characteristics as brown flaxseeds, but they are very low in omega-3.With so many flaxseeds on our hands – to last for a year or more; we decided to plant a few flaxseeds just for the fun of it. 620 more words

Flowers & Plants

Little Blue Flowers

We are heading into Spring and amongst the small flowers popping their heads up are these beautiful tiny blue flowers. Not sure what they are called but they are only as big as my thumb nail.


Macro Monday #51

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A herbaceous perennial from South Africa that will form thick clumps of evergreen, iris-like sword-shaped leaves year round, which stand upright to 1.5 meters. 50 more words



by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our beloved son

Alazanto was Kevin Davis, our son