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Mission: Color

Since November 2014, I’ve been having my hair dyed various colors by Jodie at Salon Verve in TVC. The first few times I stuck with just doing blue and black, then eventually added purple, then started to mix it up more often from there. 243 more words


Blog Post 2

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Hair Journey

So, I love my hair.

It took me a while to get to this point, but lo and behold I made it.  I have thick, dark, almost black, curly, hispanic hair.   386 more words

Blonde Hair


If I had to choose

My favorite type of girl

It would be a maid

With lots of frills

And maybe some curls

Her hair would be light blue… 90 more words

Color Me...Bluebell

Today’s color in the “Color Your World” challenge (which can be found on Jennifer Nichole Wells‘ site) is bluebell.

Ask me how many times I typed cowbell before correcting it to bluebell.   447 more words


Color Me...A Few Different Colors

Guess what?

This week is my last full week of driving 100+ miles each day!

Yes, with the holiday next week and then taking a day or two off to move, I am in Commuter Countdown.   427 more words