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Haircuts and colouring for the family...

I wanted to make another Work in Progress Wednesday post for today, but then my hairdresser visited to do mine and my son’s hair, and suddenly the day, and with it the daylight for photography, was gone. 107 more words

About Me

I do it Mysef

Recently, Genius 2 (G2) turned 21 years old. From day 1, she has marched to her own beat. Today, that continues.

A cute, curly red headed girl, she has been confident since the beginning. 311 more words

Blue Hair

Red hair dye is the gateway dye

Back in high school I begged my mother to let me dye my hair to look like Courtney Cox’s hair in Scream 2. No joke. 1,020 more words

Black Hair

Blue Days, Black Nights

The summer is long gone, and so is my blue hair. This post is something of a milestone, because it is the last one to feature my azure hairstyle. 129 more words


- REQUEST - Violet

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Request for neiger . Why do I do things a obviously cannot do? It’s useless, when I want to try something I have to do it, no matter what. 70 more words


Lady Grey

Sometimes, on grey autumnal days, when grey rain is hitting the grey city pavement, and you feel kinda… blue, there is no other way but to comply with the weather and just follow the colour scheme, head to toe. 98 more words


Break Step


A day to finish off everything that has been sitting on your desk since Monday.

A day to note down everything that you have to do next week. 44 more words