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Is a f**king pain. I don’t know if I’ve even already posted about this, but I’m essentially ripping my room out and starting again. My god, it’s long. 943 more words

Life In Genderal

Bus ride

The  girl with the blue hair

the color of the rhododendrons in my old Oregon

neighborhood gets off at the stop

right before the corner lot where the guy… 130 more words


50 Shades of Color to Get…Grey?!

Anyone who’s on my facebook knows about my recent adventures in crazy hair colors. So now by popular demand here it is: my hair dye blog post! 497 more words

Blue Hair

Blogtober| Day Ten - An Autumn Selfie

Take a good long look; the blue hair will be no longer as of this Saturday.


Hair Inspo-Havana Twists- IN BLUE

( DISCLAIMER: I swear a lot, so don’t get fucking offended. )

As everyone and their mother knows. I’m obsessed with hair and hair extensions, I always see something I like and have to have it ASAP! 322 more words

Laurens edit

okay sooo. here are some curly hairs.. and i only did 2 colors as i was tired LMaoo oml weak me ahhaha but yes. 2 colours should be fine if you guys want other recolors, comment below and ill do them, all blink, and the blonde one credit goes to kelsiesgfx & etgraalgfx lauren ! 6 more words