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10 Anti-Stephen Harper Songs

A few days before the Canadian federal election Sarah was commissioned to find a bunch of anti-Stephen Harper songs.

It wasn’t difficult.

After all, relatively mainstream acts like Blue Rodeo and Yukon Blonde had weighed in with their own related protest tunes. 34 more words

Shameless Promotion

Stealin' All My Dreams

Blue Rodeo slams Stephen Harper.

The last few months we’ve seen an amazing collection of pointed and sometimes hilarious tunes from boundary-breaking music makers who know it’s way past time to break up with the tone deaf Harper government. 13 more words


Monty's Canada - Discovering Muskoka Lakes

My Muskoka adventure has turned into a full immersion into Canadian cottage culture; everything from maple leaves to onesies, Muskoka Chairs to barge taxis, and Blue Jays to Blue Rodeo. 192 more words

Photo Essay

Creativity in a Canadian Election.... Our Voices

I’m not a “political” person.

That’s how I see myself.

But, what does that actually mean? Does it mean I don’t lie, speak bafflegab, do sly underhanded things to get what I want, manipulate polls, not think about the people I live with, not care for them, not listen, take advantage of the poor (especially if I have a good wage), complicate my issues so as to confuse people…. 299 more words


Blue Rodeo announce two January shows in Edmonton

While it seems at times Blue Rodeo is never not here, the 31-year-old Toronto country-rock band has announced two Edmonton dates in the new year. 155 more words


Blue Rodeo books two-night Jubilee Auditorium stand for January

Yes, ostensibly it’s to celebrate the release of their new live album and the vinyl reissues of some of their back catalogue, but you could also consider Blue Rodeo’s new year run of concerts something of a state of the nation tour. 198 more words