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Top 10 Twin Peaks Characters NOT in The Return. 

We’ve all been losing our mind over Twin Peaks: The Return this summer. So, as Mark Frost and David Lynch’s oddessy into terror, hilarity and the surreal heads towards its conclusion, I’m taking a look at some of the best Twin Peaks characters who haven’t returned. 1,480 more words

Who Killed Ruth Davenport? Part 12, Let's Rock

Welcome back to South Dakota – this week I will as always be covering the Buckhorn storyline.

My intial reaction to this Part was ‘underwhelmed’.  This may be because we have been treated to a huge amount of action, surprise, exquisite visuals, and an emotional rollercoaster thus far.  3,963 more words

The Return

[guest] Wind and Waves that Weave a Dream

Andrei’s anniversary present for me. Reposted with permission and by our request that the lessons are open for whom may listen.

Wind and Waves that Weave a Dream… 153 more words


Surviving St Mary

I try to give professionals – heck, persons in general – the benefit of the doubt. Yes, I do. I have my first episode with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome to back that claim up with evidence and proof. 2,221 more words


Lightbringer, speak to Lightbearer

:: known ::


Anticipating the worst to come.

chae’ra & lukas

Daddy and Mama told me stories about her. I wasn’t there, but I’m an old lady too! 581 more words


[guest] Wasteland Wonderland

Guest post! Andrei composed this short story as part of the midterm for his Gothic Monsters class. Formatted for Snowbunny. Written November 13th, 2016.

Wasteland Wonderland… 4,165 more words