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Different Dimension Blue Shift

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I was looking through my polish with my mind set on wearing green. I kept pulling out green after green and each one just didn’t give me that “I’m the one” vibe. 348 more words

What I Wore When

#FilmSchoolFriday Episode 4: Going Urban

by Mark Archer, Producer/Director

Watch the complete #FilmSchoolFriday episode HERE:

The “Blue Shift” is one of the biggest problems that a run-n-gun cinematographer will run into when shooting in an urban environment. 641 more words

Documentary Filmmaking

Fun With Half Life Blueshift

Kind of a lackluster end to Half Life Blueshift. No celebration. No booze. No hookers.

Sometimes gamers blaze through a game without looking at the details. 30 more words


Let's Slow This Thing Down A Little Bit...

The universe that is. According to a Peter A. Milne of the University of Arizona, the standard for measuring universe acceleration, the type 1A supernova, is not quite as standard as they initially thought. 458 more words

                    ”PROGRESSIVE TRACKS” Radio Show #97

                   9:00 PM (Pacific) Monday, February 23, 2015

   Live Streaming: KPTZ.ORG (Live Stream) or KPTZ iPhone App

       Terrestrial Radio: KPTZ 91.9 FM Port Townsend, WA (USA) 287 more words


A simple explanation. The red shift is proportional to the distance of a star or galaxy and can be used to measure distance between celestial objects. 582 more words

Common Sense

A Shifted Vision

For those who’ve visited previously, you’ll notice I’ve changed the look of my blog. I loved it, but customising the theme was costing me money that could go towards other things… like a short story collection that’ll be released next month! 11 more words

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