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Look Up

All across the United States, people looked through comically-shaped paper glasses to the skies, where the heavens were on display. My Facebook feed exploded with friends who had traveled all the way to Portland, Oregon to join the eclipse-watching party, as well as those who stayed closer to home and saw what they could. 325 more words


August perks

Hello, world!

You understand you are close to autumn, when retailers start talking Christmas :). Yes-yes, if the last year one of the oldest London department store opened its Christmas section in August, this year July, 31 was the date to announce :) So we won’t even have time to mingle like all around will be covered in sparkles :). 137 more words


First Dip In The Ocean

When we were in Bali, Luna came out to the pool but the ocean was pretty choppy so we didn’t take her. This time, at our rental on the coast of Guam (on the Philippine Sea side), Luna got to take her first dip into the ocean! 13 more words


2017 Snowshoe Adventures

While I was “active” in elementary school (played soccer, basketball, baseball) by high school that virtually stopped (my high school had an “English” background to rugby was the sport and, even with other sports if you weren’t “elite” or weren’t welcomed).   545 more words



“The sky is not less blue because the blind man does not see it.” – Danish Proverb

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Barley Darts

Road Trip to Maine

On June 25th my family and I left from Bend, OR on a cross country trip to Maine. These are from our third day on the road in Badlands National Park, South Dakota.