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Intimate Looks at Branches

I happened to be walking by a tree, a blue spruce, and the way the light was shing through the branches made me pause and stay a while.

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Spruce comes crashing down during recent storm

I felt really bad for the birds when one of the larger blue spruce trees in the yard came crashing to the ground on Thursday, Feb. 671 more words


Reason 18 -It's February!

Started this month with a Blizzard — the snow left thick and heavy lumps of white frosting on EVERYTHING.

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Winter Sprucer 2.0: Tasting Notes

As soon as is it humanly possible after the fermentation process is over, bottling begins. There is no harm in leaving the fermented beer inside of your carboy/fermentation vessel for a little while considering that the alcohol generated by the frenzied activity by the yeast post-fermentation now acts as a natural preservative, but the longer one waits to bottle the longer one is going to have to wait in order to sample the finished product. 815 more words