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the death of a silvery blue spruce

they rolled into the cul-de-sac
on a cold and lifeless monday morning
equipped with trucks and chains
saws and chippers and ropes
called upon to put to an end… 101 more words


The Forest of Reading 2016!

Butterfly Park is a nominee for the Blue Spruce Award in the Forest of Reading

Art Extensions: I have also put together some art activities for kids and teachers to do after reading Butterfly Park- Magnetic Butterflies and Balancing Butterflies.  384 more words

Elly's Paper Art

Trees and Planting Rights

Should trees have rights? When a good landscaper is planning which assorted trees and shrubs to plant on some newly developed ground, they certainly must have their own rule book to follow. 152 more words

Autumn’s Reflections

By Judy Berman


The Intruders’ Visit

Silent as ninjas, we slip into the woods

on a wide path that beckons thru the Blue Spruce.

A thick, emerald green carpet of moss conceals our footfalls. 334 more words