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Seeing Red; Feeling Blue

I woke up early, checking my phone for the results overnight, hoping that the sea of red in middle America had somehow dissolved into blue. It hadn’t.   1,200 more words

Understanding the Protests...

Love it or leave it.

Shut up and sing.

Grab ’em by the pussy.

At first I thought it was silly to be protesting. The election is done. 677 more words


Echo Chambers in the Age of Trump

I live in two Americas. I am a daughter of the South but a citizen of New York City. In the last two days, the divide that exists in this country has ripped open even further, and I have found myself struggling with the national cognitive dissonance I am observing playing out on Facebook and other social media. 1,019 more words

A Letter to Trump Supporters

The letter below was penned by my friend Ray Schellinger in the wee hours of this morning upon Donald Trump being declared president-elect.  Ray is a Christian missionary who has dedicated his life to advocating for those on the margins.  507 more words

What should Christians do the day after an election?

(Originally posted four years ago today. Still appropriate.)

Imagine my surprise to wake up today and be informed by my Facebook feed that for slightly less than 1/2 of America the apocalypse is upon us. 409 more words


Purple America

Purple is probably my least favorite color. As a kid, most of my wardrobe came in the form of hand-me-downs from a neighbor’s slightly older daughter. 584 more words

Apropos Nothing