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Blue State

Okay so I’m back reviewing movies. I was going to start with my all time favorite movie, but seeing as how Blue State was the first movie I ever wrote a legitimate review about I thought what better movie to revisit when restarting my movie reviews.  968 more words


Trump Believes He Can Win New York in General Election

Businessman Donald Trump believes he could win his home state in November. New York is traditionally a blue state that the Democrats have won in the last seven presidential elections. 37 more words

Presidential Election

Why I Quit Voting

Your vote counts, right? Wrong. It really doesn’t. Sure, maybe you get some warm fuzzy feeling out of doing your “civic duty”, but voting is really just a tool that the power elites use to make everyone feel that the system isn’t rigged, even though it is. 1,093 more words

The Only Liberal In Town

I decided to do some homework on candidates running at a local level for the upcoming election. Turns out there are no Democrats running at all. 368 more words


If I Were Wrong, How Would I Know?

Have you ever changed your mind regarding a major social issue?

If yes, how did it happen? What sort of process was involved? Were the factors that changed your mind abrupt? 1,217 more words


Red families v. blue families: which states have the strongest families?

This article from The Daily Signal talks about a recent study.

It says:

According to a study from the Institute for Family Studies, red counties tend to have more married adults, more children born within marriage and higher levels of children living with both biological parents than blue counties.

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