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Heating up ahead of long weekend

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SUMMER may be over but the warm weather will continue in Hobart this week, with the temperature set to peak heading into the long weekend. 3,296 more words

Anna Forrest

Ethics, Timber and Rick

A code of ethics is of course important to any venture that involves other human beings. In this blog post I will describe what perimeters I will instate to protect my interviewee. 1,198 more words

A Method to the Madness

“In a period of political tumult, we grasp for quick certainties. We shoehorn new information into ways we already think. We settle for knowing our opposite numbers from the outside. 583 more words

Listen to the Bubble Jumpers

On November 9, 2016 my commute from New Jersey to New York was full of people openly weeping. There was public despair of the kind I’d only ever seen on 9/11, and a feeling that the impossibly horrible had happened. 1,853 more words


Projection: RINO cucks narrowly beaten by Atheist Transsexuals in Blue State orgy of virtue signalling

By John Miller

Wednesday the 8th of November, 2017

As GEOTUS conquers Asia with his MAGA and elan, the feeble wing of the Republican Party which despises the President and his voters continues to wither on the vine and die at home. 539 more words

Being Blue in a Red Environment

Back when we lived in what my husband disparagingly referred to as the “People’s Republic of Santa Monica,” I was in my political comfort zone. The Los Angeles area has long been known as a bastion of liberalism, and California as a rule goes blue in presidential contests. 339 more words


Guest Post by Michael Owen

No amount of statistics or facts will sway either side in the gun control debate, because they are all looking for simple solutions to complex problems. 424 more words