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Bluebells, pink bells, white bells… and a whole rainbow of tulips!

As we race through Spring, the daffodils and violets have given way to tulips and bluebells. These are not the delicately drooping, deep blue English bluebells, but the rather showy Spanish ones, which have sturdy, more upright flowers in pastel shades of blue, pink and white. 103 more words

Tikorangi Notes: Sunday October 9, 2016

 I vowed I would complete The Mission of the 78 Azaleas in July.  I am almost there, which is to say I am down to the last two plants needing a home. 807 more words

Tikorangi: The Jury Garden


Bluebells are referenced in just about every scene in Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.  Here’s a look at the motif used by Alice Birch throughout the play, in photos:

In the beginning...

I wanted to let you in on me a little. Why should you commit such a special experience to an absolute stranger? How did I start this anyway? 589 more words


Too much blue

I was in the garden with Mr O and said “I love these blue flowers” he replied “You just love blue flowers Mummy” so I looked round and he was right the vast majority of my garden is made up of blue or mauve flowers. 74 more words

All About Me

War in the border

The daffodils were to blame – they started it when the spring sun started to warm the soil surface. The advance guard speared their swords up through the frozen soil until they cracked their way through to the surface. 507 more words



Hyacinthoides non-scripta

I know these are a little early, but this is for one of my blogger friends here, Arkenaten, who hasn’t seen a photo of one in years. 204 more words

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