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Bluebirds - At Last!

I have many birds visit my bird feeders all year long, with the exception of the bluebird.  However, I was visiting my husband’s sister and her boyfriend’s house this past weekend and he has bluebirds living in a simple wooden bird house among his garden fields.   141 more words

Bluebird Nest Update

When I last checked the nest on Tuesday, there were two eggs.  Due to rain and colder-than-normal temperatures the past few days, I decided not to disturb the parents.   48 more words

Incubation ...

Mama now has five eggs in her second clutch of the year.  Her first clutch of four resulted in all chicks fledging.  It’s been cool, 48 degrees yesterday morning, so she is spending quite a bit of time in the box to keep her eggs warm. 317 more words


Birding: Paint Box Colors on the Arizona Trail

We were looking for a short hike while staying a few days at Pine Grove Campground near Lake Mary (which is near Flagstaff, AZ). So we checked out our maps and discovered that there was a trail head for the Arizona Trail on a nearby forest road. 184 more words

Bluebird Nest Update

Egg count: 2!  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Aren’t they adorable?

Numero Uno

On Friday, I posted that the bluebirds’ new nest appeared just about ready for the second clutch of eggs.  Today, I discovered the first egg has been laid!   30 more words

Ready for Round 2

For a few days after the bluebird chicks took to the sky, I cleaned out the old nest but didn’t see much activity.  I checked every couple of days after noticing Papa spending more time there, but I’d still find with an empty nestbox. 90 more words