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In Birdland

He was, of course, a piece of the sky. His eyes said so.
Mary Oliver, “Bird,” in Upstream

They are here, everyday–even in Winter, when some wing southward, the steadfast ones remain, shivering the slender branches of the bushes, teasing off the winter red berries, flying off into gray laden skies. 1,837 more words


Magic Moments- water color and…

An incredibly rich walk this morning: We studied a fallen ash tree that had broken off over night and fallen without tearing down the power lines-miraculous- said “hi” to a gaggle of 5 tom turkeys, noted tiny deer tracks with the larger ones, had a red tail who was being chased by crows swoop right across our path, listened to the redwing blackbird stake out his claim in the swamp, heard the brown creeper working the white pines, saw and heard the melody of a flock of bluebirds in the corn field, watched a flock of geese flying north overhead, thrilled to the “freebee” of a nesting chickadee, listened to the trill of a brook cascading down the hillside, and… watched as this guy came up on the road, looked us in the eye and went on over the other side. 82 more words

Watercolor Painting

Attracting Bluebirds With Mealworms, a Heated Birdbath and Humor

During spring and summer, bluebirds hatch regularly in birdhouses in my neighbor’s yard, who uses live mealworms to attract them. Her success motivates me to try it too, so I keep a… 238 more words


Bluebirds in Winter

We have a family of Eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis) that is staying with us through the winter. The blues have been expanding their range for the last 10 years or so, and it’s not really unusual to see them in New England during the winter. 248 more words

New Hampshire

It's going to be great, really great!

Optimism can be infectious, even when the source is somewhat dubious and dangerous. But beware to take in the full picture when someone is promising to make things great again, really great folks. 186 more words


Entiat Bluebird

We happened upon a large flock of bluebirds at one of our favorite destinations for hikes and camping up around the Entiat, Washington area.  Trying to snap just one photo was difficult, as they are so elusive, quickly flying away the millisecond they see your finger move towards the shutter button.   25 more words


Mid Winter Updates

Here we are the middle of February and so far our winter has been an easy one.  We had a few cold nights in mid December and early January, but since then it has been mild and dry.   886 more words