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Nothing's Right Without Delphina

Oz reached in and grabbed the cord. He ran his hand down it until he came to the plug. Crawling further under the kitchen sink, he plugged the dispose-all in. 721 more words


2/21/2018 Bought This WD-40 Electric “Canjo” Or Oil Can Guitar in Omaha, Nebraska

Found this in a random guitar shop in Omaha. I have an extensive guitar collection and this is my latest addition. I love it.

Matthew Berdyck

Album Review: I’m With Her - See You Around

Aoife O’Donovan, Sara Watkins and Sarah Jarosz first played together in a bathroom at a bluegrass festival a few years ago, and immediately realised the musical harmony they created was something special. 651 more words

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There's More To Music Than What Meets The Ear - See It Live

I absolutely love listening to music. It’s playing in my house all through the day. I can’t walk or drive down the street without firing up my iPod or radio. 1,005 more words