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Middle class Splurge

It is funny how you keep finding reasons to buy something if you have your eyes set on it. After months of contemplating about buying a Bluetooth headphone, I’ve finally ordered the Sennheiser 4.4 BT headphones as they are on sale at Harvey Norman. 28 more words


Use Nearby to interact with what's around you

But what is nearby service for Android?

Google had developed a new Android feature that allows phones and tablets to automatically connect with devices, places and services very close around them. 257 more words


Famous Symbols and Their Meaning - WIF Confidential

Famous Symbols

(And What They Really Mean)

Symbols are meant to stand for something. We see them every day, and without even thinking about them, we know what they mean… for the most part. 3,355 more words

Writing And Grammar

Penemu Bluetooth – Dr. Jaap Haartsen

Teknologi bluetooth adalah salah satu dari fitur teknologi yang memudahkan pemindahan file melalui sebuah perangkat. Perkembangan teknologi yang mengesankan saat ini membuat Anda sangat mudah untuk mengakses fitur teknologi ini dari berbagai perangkat seperti smartphone, smart tv, hingga notebook. 548 more words


How to connect to Google Home over Bluetooth

(Source: 9to5google.com)

When Google launched its smart assistant-powered speaker, many were surprised by how great the device’s speaker actually sounds. This made Home perfect for listening to music, but there was no way to connect to it over Bluetooth for those who wanted to play audio stored locally on a device. 193 more words