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Wireless earbuds are too wireless for me

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I usually listen to music using a cheap pair of HTC headphones, for a variety of reasons that I’ve discussed before. But recently, I’ve been trying out a few pairs of Bluetooth earbuds as my full-time headphones, part of my duties as a Circuit Breaker writer, and I’ve come to the realization that Bluetooth headphones make me incredibly anxious. 599 more words


Bluetooth Speaker

A collaboration with my maker pal Matt Fleming. I did the wood, he did the crossover and wiring…we made two of them. Made from bubinga and walnut.

20: The Chorus Within

The chorus within swelled a rush of relief a pendulum that had finally acquired equilibrium Tucking in my memories of you, I slipped away quietly into the night with only so much as the click of th…

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Capture (Anthology)

Capture: Flirtation With Darkness Book 1 Paranormal Romance Anthology By Casia Courtier, Mila Waters, Yolanda Allard, Erin Lee, Rena Marin ~ Can a human capture a heart of a creature of the dark? ~…

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Prisons Reforms – Part Two

There are a number of changes – some may say they are radical – that I believe would not only improve the prison regimes and decrease re-offending but would also allow the reallocation … 6 more words


Daily Kind Quote

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Arclight- Ward Clever

Deprived Cut off and wondering where everyone went Well does it matter These hallways This empty parking lot Under this starless night I feel nothing anyway Energy is building Nowhere to discharge …

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