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Victims call hackers' bluff as ransomware deadline nears

With the clock ticking on whether a global hacking attack would wipe out his data, Bolton Jiang had no intention of paying a 21st-century ransom. 351 more words

A Winning Hanabi Strategy

My favorite card game is Hanabi by Antoine Bauza. My friends and I have played it enough to learn a series of techniques that reliably boost our score. 2,179 more words



Rapists are those who ruin a girl’s life without any sense and fear and later come into the light of laws and punishments…

What they should be named who rape in the darkness of False Hopes and Promises and when bored, then they leave the girl and treat as if they never met that girl before.


Vlog: Tramping on Regardless!

 This week I adopted the carry on regardless approach. It seems I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, so I might as well do rather than don’t – if you follow my drift! 398 more words


Really Awful Fun

Yesterday we went to join the fish,
On top of them, at first, it was our wish;

With gondola, canals were well explored –
‘But not the sharky bits!’ the kids implored, 161 more words



Bluff’s Ocean is the place for the condominium lover who wants to live as close to the beach as possible. Wrapped a round a centrally located lake and offering two gated entrances, these two bedrooms, two bath units offer 1,385 square feet of beautiful ocean front living. 29 more words