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Fancy Play Syndrome

This hand took place last night at a home cash game, blinds of $1/$1.  Two players limped in, and the button (for purposes of this post, I’ll call him “Jeff”) also limped.   871 more words

Bad Play

why I am single 

I constantly get asked, “why are you single?”

Like as soon as you’re labelled “pretty” or “in uni” you should immediately be linked to another of the opposite sex. 420 more words


A Ladybug

Ladybugs overwinter as adults.

My first ladybug of the year just happened to be on a purple trillium in my spring wildflower garden.

It must be either the pine or the hackberry tree that’s dropping all the pollen. 27 more words


Oysters in a half shell, oyster power.

Oysters really split the crowd in two. Either you make gagging motions at the thought of them, or like me – you start the countdown to Bluff Oyster season about a month ahead of time. 1,186 more words

Sketchdump January to April 2015

Misc doodles, concepts, incomplete sketches, whatnot.

A Smile Is A Smile

I was too late to recognize what I was seeing
The smile before me should have been enough
Taking it would seem, pure happiness indeed… 109 more words