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Positional Power, Poise and Patience

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing in a bi-monthly ladder at the Pittsburgh Chess Club, and if I have to be honest, the change in tournament format hasn’t been the smoothest for me, as late night Tuesday rounds has pushed my mental endurance. 1,451 more words

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Redefining Success (When You Feel Like an Epic Failure)

No one wants to be a failure. It just doesn’t feel good. But that’s exactly how I felt this morning. Why?

It is silly, really. Bloggers and writers love feedback. 283 more words


The 3 Biggest Blunders To Avoid When It Comes to A Grub Problem In Your Lawn

Having a grub problem in your lawn is pretty common for Georgia. We’re home to more insects than most of the USA, and larvae just come with the territory. 161 more words

The (embarrassing) Blogging Blunder I Made Today And How You Can Avoid It

Today I made the most embarrassing blogging mistake while writing for my Health website. I already lost at least one reader (more may follow).

I am sharing this with you so you will not make the same mistake. 289 more words


A Game in 10 Minutes: Dubov Misses His Chance

For today’s video, I wanted to try something new, so I thought it might be interesting to go over a Grandmaster game in ten minutes as to not get too bogged down into theoretical or tactical lines, but still highlight the most important moments of the game. 56 more words

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Free Game Analysis: Online Battles

For today’s post, I would like to show an online game that shared with me from a young player out of Virginia Beach. If you too would like your game analyzed by me, make sure to send them to chess.summit@gmail.com, and I’ll feature it in the next post! 895 more words


Career Blunders to Avoid

Over the course of my professional life, I made good and bad decisions that significantly impacted my career.  Most of my good decisions were the result of what I learned from prior experiences, the influence of good managers, and advice from trusted co-workers & friends.   728 more words

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