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Positional Domination: Hou Yifan Breaks the Ice!

It feels like a long countdown until this weekend’s G/75 Pennsylvania State Chess Championships and Pittsburgh Chess League matches, so I’ve been killing time doing opening research and watching ongoing Grandmaster games. 988 more words


Navigating the Maze: Games of Gibraltar

I’ve spent the last few days watching the Gibraltar Open, and now that it’s come to a close, I wanted to share some of the more interesting and instructive moments of the tournament. 1,361 more words

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Five for Five: Winning with the Bishop Pair

This past Sunday marked a landmark win for me, as I managed to continue my perfect record in the Pittsburgh Chess League, getting my fifth win in five games. 961 more words

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Live Chess: Psychological Factors

Don’t believe that psychology plays a major factor in chess? Watch this video to see how my mentality changes after a mouse slip from my opponent … and how it almost cost me the game! 48 more words

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Opening Experiments on ICC

For those of you who may recall, I did a video + analysis post on the Berlin last month, and today I decided to try a similar format for a new opening. 169 more words

Games And Puzzles

A Chess Firewall at Zero?

We halve our blunder rate when infinitesimally ahead, but why?

Crop from Seneca chess quote source

Lucius Seneca was a Roman playwright, philosopher, and statesman of the first century. 2,019 more words


Stupid is as Stupid Does

We all do stupid things. Some of us more than others. Dumb stuff happens for a multitude of different reasons. Many of my outstanding blunders are connected to my disabilities. 1,451 more words