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Mr. Fix-it-Man

I like to fix things.  I think there is something wrong with me though. I actually look for things that are broken so I can fix them. 289 more words


New Outtake for August!

While you wait for our first-ever full-length video episode 050 to come out next Sunday (August 27), we have a new outtake for you from one of our final episodes on… 36 more words


Pun Of The Weak: Correction

A newspaper correction: Yesterday we mistakenly reported that a talk was given by a battle-scared hero. We apologize for the error. We obviously meant that the talk was given by a bottle-scarred hero.



Not all the hurdles, pitfalls and problems you face are a result of anger of Allah Almighty. Sometimes these are blessings beyond any sort of measurements! 114 more words

Random Thoughts

Air heating is working

Tuesday August 15

The day started by sanding down the rust sport, created by the little ‘kernel’ or rust removed by the perago disk who flew around and landed on the deck.   519 more words

Prince Philip's Blunders - Rated - The Late Twentieth Century or Glory Days

For decades now, the Duke of Edinburgh has been offending, stereotyping and provoking the politically correct with impunity. On 2nd August Prince Philip attended his last official public engagement. 748 more words

Pokemon Go Fest’s blunders result in class-action lawsuit

(Source: arstechnica.com)

By many accounts, the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago last week was a failure of epic proportions. The main thing that many festival-goers found—instead of make-believe characters in the game—was themselves standing in huge lines and without Internet at a 20,000-person party to celebrate the augmented reality game’s… 378 more words