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Obsolete Geographical Knowledge

“You mean there are two Koreas?” — U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Richard Kneip, when questioned about his opinion during a congressional hearing on the conflict between the North and South Korea. 285 more words


I gave 45 seconds, he gave me a draw (lichess 1300)

“LOL” I had been winning the game since the middle game – I got more pawns and more time. I still got about one and a half minute while my opponent only had half of it. 217 more words


Setbacks and Comebacks

What’s done is done. There are things I cannot control and things that cannot be undone. It’s a lesson I still have to work hard on learning… 189 more words


The voids

Voids don’t play numb, they infuriate, reciprocate, manipulate. They tie the knots of delusional failures. They make fears profound and happiness at bay. Voids are characters and not a hole in the blue. 48 more words


Everybody is bruised somehow. Life has cracked up everyone in one way or the other. Life has hit everyone with the bullets of fear, anger, shame and depression. 297 more words

Brussels Blunders: Part 2 - Stranded

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know this post is the second half of a tale about a not-so-long-ago 3 day trip to Brussels in Belgium. 1,140 more words


Brussels Blunders: Part 1 - Suspicious & Shouted at

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, a small country in Europe bordered by The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. It’s a beautiful city of intricate architecture, gorgeous food and friendly people. 778 more words