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Tottenham salvages draw at Manchester City after Lloris blunders

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The Brilliant Blunders and Investments that Made Warren Buffet a Billionaire

What’s the shrewdest, smartest maneuver you’ve ever seen in business? originally appeared on Quora – the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by…


Road Tripping: We Did It All Wrong

For about five years or so, the Boy and I have pointed the car south to spend Christmas with the family in Florida. Sure, it’s a long trip–two days at least–but we like having access to a car, and it’s fun to experience little bits of the country along the way. 401 more words


2017 - Day 1

“Blessed are the forgetful for they get the better even of their blunders.” – Friedrich NIetzche

Ignorance is bliss? Forgive & forget? Maybe. But I’m more of the mindset of using life experiences to elevate.

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speech blunder

A poor cure for a speech blunder is foot-in-mouth resuscitation.


Adulting Lesson #16

Dear girls, don’t bother wearing heels to a party. No matter how pretty they might look when leaving the house, ‘painful’ will be the only word you’ll relate them to for the rest of the night. 11 more words

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