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My Past Has Come To Haunt Me.

My story. I m going to be blunt and straight to the point. ever feel like your going to explode with everything returning. Well here goes. 83 more words

The Annoyance of My Teachers & The Curriculum.

As a teacher, you should at least get to know your students,

I hate teachers who just block us together like a frustrating ball of words and questions, 167 more words


The Blunt Chick

Oh? Did I Say Something Wrong??

Ask for her opinion, it will hurt
Ask her something, she will tell you the truth
She is the sweetest and the truest soul…

280 more words
Being Yourself

Good Enough For Jesus.

Of late, even though we’re deep in the throes of winter, I have refused to wear pants around the house. I’ve been told to, “Put some pants on.” and asked, “Aren’t you cold?” I am cold but I’m also lazy. 267 more words

Pessimism or Realism??

I am not a pessimistic person.
I am a realist.
Even though the bad spots and blemishes are the first thing i notice,
I cant help but see things for what they actually are, 203 more words



Subtlety- it messes everything up. Why can’t one just be upfront about things? If you have something to say but you can’t blurt it out, hide it. 84 more words

#Cityshow "Wezzy Get's Kicked Off Of Private Jet"!!!

10:00 AM PT — Wayne’s camp denies he was smoking in flight. They say they were told the plane turned around for mechanical problem. Lil Wayne… 101 more words

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