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True Dichotomies.

In an age of “just so”, tiptoeing around subjects and euphemism, all dichotomies (that is, either-or choices) are presumed to be false. And we women are especially guilty of labeling all dichotomies as fake and all choices as being multiple option. 518 more words


[RAW JOINT] Made In M - Goodday

Desde Madrid, Carlos Meyer García A.K.A Made In M, a poco de lanzar un nuevo LP nos deja en la espera con este excelente remix de un clásico de Ice Cube. 15 more words



Now when I first started to explore BDSM, this was one area that I was a bit wary of as even though I’ve never been one to take myself seriously, I was still a bit anxious about it because I wanted to maintain appearances for my partner. 477 more words

Music from the sewers

Faltaba un espacio dedicado a esos productores independientes de la puta madre, para eso creamos esto, encontrarán desde jazz mixes, old school vibe sounds, lo-fi stoned beats, visuales random y mucha mierda de la buena.

Buen viaje!


Rihanna Slams People Who Thought She Was Sniffing Coke, Says It Was Weed

This morning a video made it’s way all over social media showing Rihanna and friends dancing around as she rolled a blunt. Judging by certain movements she made in the video, however, many began to speculate that she was actually sniffing coke. 79 more words



After this little self esteem boost recently, here’s another. We’ve been allowed to bring home and look through Caitlin’s Learning Journey from preschool. It’s a collection of lots of her work and it truly is a special book. 72 more words