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Ohio Drivers

When it is just RAIN… not even a full out monsoon, just a mist, drivers in this state suddenly lose all sense of how to operate a vehicle.

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The Epitaph of the West

Economics, politics, religion,

Plagues to afflict the world we live in.

If there were a human condition

It is that which we die in. 67 more words


Orange Fire!!

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Why it’s the great Orange Haze, of course! This sativa dominant hybrid is an awesome strain from Orange Bud (Sativa) and Haze (Hybrid). 332 more words


We need moar blunt weapons!! part 2

Hello there!

How are you guys?

Continuing We need moar blunt weapons!!.
Like I said before, this item was first thought to be a classical mace, but while I was doing it I enjoyed the overall shape and decided to create the mace from last post and a baton out of it. 181 more words


We need moar blunt weapons!!

Hello guys!

How are you all doing? Our last post was quite awesome right? Arknostik is doing an awesome work with one of our members that is  in charge of programming and we are probably going to see a lot of amazing things in these next weeks! 265 more words


Just Why?

The more one has to say the harder it is to get it started. I am no different. But once we find an ear we just can not be stopped. 80 more words

Blunt; Uncheked And Unbalanced