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Is this right?

Alright so here’s my blog I guess? I wonder if anyone will read this. How would someone even find it? Huh. I’m intrigued. I’m going to sleep & come up with fake names for everyone since that’s what the internet says to do. Goodnight empty internet..


I don't know what I'm doing

I’m tired. I’m so tired…

I just need to have one night where I fall asleep without crying.. I just need to have one night where I fall asleep and know that I am loved. 1,347 more words


Do you know any sassy bloggers? Are YOU one? :o

I am highly interested in women (or men) who can write what they want. I want to be like them someday XD But I am slowly growing the bluntness inside me, if you’ve read my recent posts XD… 81 more words


am I autistic then?

I had an interesting conversation with my partner yesterday. I was about to go for a walk…always a bit of a build up for that…and I was feeling abit anxious on it. 464 more words

Its All Me

This is my first, So it's all over the place!

Hi Ya’ll!

        Well, I popped my blogging cherry. Since I crossed over to this side of the moon, I hope to meet your highest expectations. If I do not meet your expectations, get in line, have a beer and bitch about it with whoever will listen. 1,230 more words


Rant: 28/6/15 (I felt like a person today)

WARNING: Negative (depends on how you see it, though) things ahead.


Or trying to breathe, I got out of the schooling center and was greeted by the kind, fresh air. 385 more words


New Song: Bonfire Heart

It’s a lyrical Thursday. So, I will introduce you to this song and leave the lyrics here for you. At first, I thought it was catchy and now I have it on repeat constantly. 380 more words