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Shut Up

Shut up and live
Stop making excuses.
You’re the only reason you can’t
And you’re being stupid.

Shut up and go.
Shut up and do what you keep thinking about… 120 more words


"10 Interesting Facts about Yourself"

Day 4 – Writing Challenge

I’m back in high school filling out one of those vain surveys. Look at me! I’m great and unique…and a butthole. 442 more words



I harm myself. Yes, I always fall down the pit due to my preceding choice. The choice I made to go right, instead of left. I always know which path is the better one, yet I always take the opposite one. 364 more words


Just a Dream

She was soft


stunningly elegant

a pleasurable


i was emotionally



just wanting

to let out, a little


She was cruelly… 28 more words

Snap Decisions.

You ever look at your life? Everything that you let slide, all the personal, professional and philosophical maintenance you didn’t do because for whatever reason you felt it could wait or wasn’t truly the most important thing right now and upon close examination… you realize that it’s not you that has been living here. 777 more words


Bluntlife: 4/20/2016

So, what am I doing creating a photo essay that would seem to celebrate, condone, embrace or tacitly endorse the use of Marijuana?

My Muse and I haven’t been connecting lately. 30 more words


4/20 day! A great day to support children and Veterans!

Ahhhh…. 4/20! The day “secretly” known as the day to relax, kick your feet up, and smoke a doobie, blunt, joint, bowl, or one of the many names associated with smoking marijuana (legal name cannabis). 542 more words