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New York…when civilization falls apart, remember, we were way ahead of you.


High Guys!

It’s 12:32 am right now. My sisters boyfriend gave me a free bag of weed, how awesome. It was good as shit omfg. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend that I could do things with. 69 more words



Why do treat your loved one like they’re the one who hurt you when it’s other people who hurt you? At least give your partner disclosure. 348 more words


Real friends kick your ass.

Real friends kick ass. Your own ass. To make you see what’s wrong and what’s right. It might hurt, especially if you are a sore person who do not know how to take criticism, or if you think of yourself as a mighty pissed-me-not person.. 103 more words

Word Doodles

Sleek Blunt Cut Bob Styled To Curly/Messy Bob Lace Frontal WigTutorial | Evawigs - YouTube

Sleek Blunt Cut Bob Styled To Curly Bob. Transformed my sleek ombre wig to a beautiful curly messy bob with my irresistible me auto rotating curling iron. 6 more words


Olojede Opeoluwa Elizabeth
Writer, singer. 
Fine girl x
         I am honestly bored of this whole feministic contention arising from all airs of the society. Women fighting to have equal rights as men, and vice versa. 359 more words



I had a crush on a girl once. I didn’t know her age, but mine was 10. In my perspective, she was way taller than me. 188 more words