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Its a scary cycle...the I hate you, I love you one...


Forenote; Everything in a different colour bracket or in Capitals…are really what I wish I could say but never would because actually… I can’t deny how I feel and I never want to stoop to the level that has been stooped to to hurt me…so the brackets kind of represents those things we wish we were saying instead of what we actually say….its like the unfiltered stuff. 659 more words


Words are blunt

Tone is sharp

You can kill me

In a single breath

nice future, in the moment

there’s a fragment of a face

and then lips move.  you say that

you aren’t watching, but i can

see that you are.  the nose it… 41 more words

The blunt knife

A hot day, a long ride in Bangalore traffic, a full stomach! All these things combined made me crave a full glass of cool lemonade today. 441 more words

Two years and a million changes

Almost exactly two years since my last first and up until now last post, I’ve finally got something to say.

1. I’m not a lesbian but I’m extremely queer. 597 more words