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Like father, like daughter

This past weekend by birthfather and stepmother came to spend some quality time with my husband and I. I’m very close with the both of them, so I was quite excited to see them after two years finally. 467 more words


Turned the Wrong Way


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This word is a great example of onomatopoeia.  It kind of sounds like what it means.  339 more words

Daily Prompt

Crushing The Dreams

Quickly became unpopular among the sheep
They said I was crushing their dreams
Just telling them the truth and it hurts
Harsh it may be, I say it out of love… 174 more words


Guest Writer: Lloyd Chandler - A Quiet Place Review

It is quite a feat if after over 100 years of cinema a film comes along that offers a new and refreshing twist to a genre. 1,095 more words

Second Hand Marijuana Smoke: What is it?

As the new burgeoning cannabis industry rises, there is something else in the air; cannabis smoke. As an advocate for marijuana legalization, I am also advocating for cannabis education and public health safety. 387 more words


Get with the JET SET

The formula for travelling with ease and poise

The golden age of travel may long be over, but there’s no reason why those of us on the move can’t emulate the élan of our predecessors.   1,363 more words