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It's My Mind

I believe in speaking what is on my mind.  I am bluntly honest and sometimes say things I shouldn’t.  With that in mind I will go forward with this blog to speak of the things I love and those things that bother me. 12 more words


A Moment of Truthful Weakness

I am having a moment of weakness; a moment where I am no longer in control.
I am having a moment of absolute chaos where I wish to let go of all I know. 31 more words

Is that Sia?


Long have I wanted to do something drastic with my hair. For a while going lavender seemed like what I wanted to do but I never made the leap. 417 more words


Short. Black & Blunt.

Hey Hey You All,

Long time, no blog. I know! I know! The month of February has been extremely busy for me. Between, working my 9-5, working as a stylist, and being a mommy 24/7, life can get crazy. 310 more words


Edge of Awesome

I just finished watching the movie  Edge of Tomorrow with the lead characters being Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt about ten minutes ago.  Edge of Tomorrow in my own words is about a man, Tom Cruise, who gets rare alien blood spilled on him, allowing him to “reset the day” every time he dies and fight the aliens until he wins.  278 more words

Learning about Parenthood...

So, today my church held a parent conference thing which many have asked me already, “why did you go? you’re not a parent.” What I LOVE about my church is they don’t exclude anyone they accept anyone who’s willing to learn and why not learn now, before I have my kids. 1,233 more words