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Sometimes, silence is golden...

I realize that at times I write every day and then go off the grid for awhile. Honestly is 50% complete laziness, and 50% that I realize that not every thought in my head, is something everyone needs to hear :) 542 more words

Hello world!

It’s me Sam …. Just another stoner chick in this censorious world; taking life by the horns whilst holding a blunt. A wallflower by heart; but that’s because I grew up hearing “you’re going to die alone anyways Sam “by my mother ( it doesn’t sound that harsh when said in spanish ) mind you; And is probably the reason why I am this erratic and introvert girl who detest socializing and would rather be alone over anything in this world. 444 more words


Philosophical bluntness

My dear,
you think about things
that can’t be put into words.

You wish to be a poet,
but your heart is too frozen
for your poems are far too topheavy. 95 more words


Blunt To Be Guest At Uprising; Hall Of Fame.

Following on the heels of the announcement of Matt B Wild being inducted into the RISE Hall Of Fame, the RISE offices has confirmed that another AWA legend will be honored. 103 more words


This morning.

I was late to work today.. Just here waiting for the guy who thinks he is the boss to call me in his office to rip me a good one. 290 more words



Women are known for fighting temptation all the damn time and not being like men who cheat on everything. YET FROM THE START OF MANKIND THE RESULTS PROVED THAT, THAT WAS A LIE. 723 more words