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Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

From Wikipedia:

According to Elaine N. Aron and colleagues as well as other researchers, highly sensitive people, who compose about a fifth of the population (equal numbers in men and women), may process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a… 461 more words


Of Islam, Anti-Islam, and Other Extremisms

Both of the apparent front-runners for the nominations of America’s two major political parties have now weighed in on the latest deadly instance of radical Islamic terrorism, and a long-dreaded clash of civilizations suddenly becomes all the more inevitable. 1,158 more words


Friday, My 3rd Favorite F Word

Happy Friday Loves,

Fridays are such a relief aren’t they? Cheers to paychecks, cocktails, lovely dinners, and making stories for Monday’s office chatter. Damn, my coffee even tastes better on Friday mornings, just sayin’. 212 more words


Good Thing You're Pretty

I hear this often. Perhaps four out of six bosses have mentioned this to me.

It’s not because I’m brainless, lazy or stupid but because of……Wanna take a guess? 201 more words

Work Force

Racially Blunt

Listening to white people talk to each other about racism is one of the most emotionally taxing things I have to endure on a semi-regular basis. 256 more words

Race Thoughts

Bluntness and the Art of Empathy

We all know at least one of them; one person who is, to put it politely, continually blunt.

That’s the type of person who has no problem saying exactly what she thinks, no matter the fallout. 393 more words

Writing Process

Come At Me Bruh - See What Happens

I know I’m usually a positive kinda girl and post motivational things. Today really isn’t one of those days.

Yesterday life gave me a booty call and I’m still sore today. 311 more words