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BLUR Fried

Lyrics from thetechyteen BLUR Fried Lyrics, singer by BLUR

Oh you are so very strange
Sometimes I think you’ve gone insane
Twisted hearts you’ve gone insane… 136 more words


BLUR Es Schmecht

Lyrics from thetechyteen BLUR Es Schmecht Lyrics, singer by BLUR

Looking out for N?1
Conversation, daily routine
It’s beautiful, but neurotic
in the future it will be the same… 36 more words


BLUR - British No 1 Single 'BEETLEBUM' Released 20 Years Ago...

Looking back in time… memorable moments in sonic history!

‘Beetlebum’ by BLUR

Twenty years ago – 20 January 1997 – BLUR released the first single of their 5th, eponymous, album. 166 more words

Back In Time

【回來了!】睽違六年 Gorillaz帶來反特朗普新歌《Hallelujah Money》

就在特朗普(Donald Trump)就職典禮前夕,全世界樂迷迎來了一個好消息—



主腦Damon Albarn近年動作多多,除了重組Blur以外、還推出過單飛大碟《Everyday Robots》,創作力充沛,重啟Sci-Fi 虛擬樂隊Gorillaz的工作亦一直進行中。

今次推出的新曲《Hallelujah Money》請來英國唱作歌手Benjamin Clementine跨刀獻唱,歌的開首節拍亦甚有前作《The Fall》的影子,配合Benjamin怪咖得來又帶點oldies味道的唱腔,居然也頗耐聽。看來Damon已放棄了最原始、那個走alternative hip hop道路的「街頭霸王」。

選得在Donald Trump就職典禮前推出新作,Gorillaz當然是別有用心。他們在Twitter亦寫下:「在黑暗的時代,你需要一些可仰望的人。」政治取態不言而喻。

Dark times – u need someone to look up to.

61 more words

BLUR Maggie May

Lyrics from thetechyteen BLUR Maggie May Lyrics, singer by BLUR

Wake up Maggie
I think I’ve got something to say toyou
It’s late September
And I really should be back at school… 181 more words


BLUR When The Cows Come Home

Lyrics from thetechyteen BLUR When The Cows Come Home Lyrics, singer by BLUR

Good morning
Wake up

Wake up with purpose and polite efficiency
Stuff vitamin pills down your half guarantee… 148 more words