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Crumpled paper 

Ignorance IS bliss, but if you had spent your life ignorant of shame and guilt, not the puppy-love shame and guilt but the last-thing-I-said-to-my-mother-before-she-died-was-I-hate-you shame and guilt, I would envy you, and then admire you for then I would know, while living, you had humbled Life and Life had humbled you. 523 more words


Naming the next Cops and Docs


I have a good solid idea for the fourth Cops and Docs book, but I need a title. Anybody willing to help me out? I’ll pick the top three and those people will receive free ebooks of the first 3 novels (BTL not out yet but on or after March 15th it’s on). 48 more words


The 'Blurred Lines' effect: Sign here to confirm you were not inspired by anything in anyway...

Not for nothing was this blog named after ‘Blurred Lines’…

You remember that Marvin Gaye ‘Got To Give It Up’-esque “vibe” and “feel” that cost Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke in excess of $5 million dollars? 237 more words

Why We Lie: Human Nature And How To Resist Deception

We were all raised to understand the difference between what’s right versus what’s wrong in very clear black and white terms. From the 10 Commandments in the Bible to the famous fable of George Washington cutting down the cherry tree, it’s undeniable that lying falls unanimously under the category of things good and honorable people just don’t do. 678 more words