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Two things...

Blurred Lines is an honorable mention for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

Between the Lines will officially be finished and going through late stage edits by this Sunday. 29 more words


The Blurred Lines Of Social Media.

                I have two questions. When it comes to social media, how much is too much, and how far is too far? Social media, for the most part, is a wonderful thing. 485 more words


Saturday Songs #19: Word Crimes - Weird Al Yankovic

If Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was one of the most controversial songs of this decade, then Weird Al Yankovic’s parody version Word Crimes is one of the funniest. 333 more words


Drawing The Line Between A Lover And A Friend

Tempted to say we have all been there, but I will not generalize, most of us have been there –you know how you are there, minding your business keeping a distance from guys, I mean the ‘I am-not-ready-for-relationships’ mode. 330 more words

The treasure of late night ramblings 

I have heard it said and I have said it before, what is generational and what is biblical? Biblical vs. generational? Are the lines getting blurred on both sides? 217 more words


Playing Hard to Get: Are You Contributing to Rape Culture?

Robin Thicke:

“The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty”


“She says she won’t but I bet she will.”

Can I just take a moment to commend these upstanding gentlemen on their flawless understanding of a woman’s psyche? 528 more words