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Macaws...one of the most well known parrot species in the world (and a pirate's best friend). What many people don't know is that they can actually blush when excited. White turns to pink on the face, as it has done here, and the bird communicates that it is highly focused on something. Pretty cool, no?

Compliments and Kisses

Biting my lip,
Lowering my lashes,
Blood flooding my skin.

And him,
Leaning in.

Thoughts On Blushing

The way when she blushes, her eyes flicker downwards as if she’s trying to hide the thoughts inside, the thoughts which made her cheeks flame. The shy bite of her lip trying to conceal the smile that she can’t suppress. 230 more words


What Causes Problem Blushing?

blushing is a multi-faceted topic and can quickly be rather complicated. We do great deals of research study for our audiences so they have everything there is to understand so take a look around if you need to have more info. 13 more words


A Way About Her

She has a way about her,
That’s what they’ve always said.
Blushes from the inside out,
Does it to herself, often, she dreads.
Others noticing, believing she naive, 33 more words

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