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I know you as a time of day: 3:18

You are all gold and daylight

in a waning afternoon that has finally seen the birth of a day born grey and still.

What warm glow has made you? 95 more words


Be as one filled with doubt but not overcome.

You are light

     and a certain peace at days end.

You are a stirring is like a whisper

     like a breath

     a calm

let it wash over you in the cool of the evening… 83 more words


A Crush

An elementary school crush is what I am feeling. The good crush: giddy, smiley, blushing, shy. You know the kind when you are young when you want to wear your cutest outfit, the perfect hair style & you get excited to go to school so you can see them but you get so shy you won’t talk. 164 more words

The Liebster Award

I would humbly like to thank https://emotionsoflife2016.wordpress.com for nominating me. Now that I am not so tipsy from wine I am blushing from this unexpected acknowledgement. 684 more words


Greenwich Village Comedy Club

I distinctly remember the moment in 2nd grade when I was asked to join a magician onstage at Sea Island. However, beyond that initial inquiry, I swear to goodness, I entirely blacked out. 586 more words

Wild Stories


Meaning: A bright crimson or pinkish-red color.

Synonyms: Crimson, blooming, rubicund, blushing, claret, rubescent, cerise.

In Hindi: गुलाबी

Use: Even though he was born blue, the newborn baby had a fresh incarnadine color shortly after birth. 9 more words

Vocab Bank

Becoming the Blushing Bridegroom with Wedding Suit Hire in Leicester

Important occasions call for exceptional clothing! The East Midlands is fortunate in having specialised services, mostly located in Leicester, that expertly take care of everything when there are big events coming, particularly weddings. 70 more words