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Seeing red: why do we blush?

Do you blush easily? Many of us blush when we feel embarrassed, ashamed, or nervous, generally when we least want to be noticed. It might happen when you meet someone new, receive a compliment or have to speak in front of a group. 1,020 more words


Slice of Life Thursday

By: Alejandra Gonzalez

There is this guy who lives in my building. Charming, handsome, and somewhere around 18. He comes down to the reception every morning, to wait for his friends in their black and red… 157 more words


Formulating with Amines

Amines are widely used commercial monomers in a variety of chemical processes to provide cured materials that have great value in today’s modern world. Amines come in a variety of types, each with its own unique characteristics that make it a valuable tool for the formulation chemist. 646 more words


oughtism (23): honesty

honesty is a
tricky bitch in that
it finishes in
degrees; 159 more words


I know you as a time of day: 3:18

You are all gold and daylight

in a waning afternoon that has finally seen the birth of a day born grey and still.

What warm glow has made you? 95 more words


Be as one filled with doubt but not overcome.

You are light

     and a certain peace at days end.

You are a stirring is like a whisper

     like a breath

     a calm

let it wash over you in the cool of the evening… 83 more words


A Crush

An elementary school crush is what I am feeling. The good crush: giddy, smiley, blushing, shy. You know the kind when you are young when you want to wear your cutest outfit, the perfect hair style & you get excited to go to school so you can see them but you get so shy you won’t talk. 164 more words