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Aching to Unravel

Aching to Unravel

My love we are as rosebuds

Velvet layers

Folded petal upon petal

In the darkness

Aching to unravel

Softly creased

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A Negative Kind of Day

You get warned about being too negative as if this is the reason you fail and people avoid you. For christ’s sake of course I’m negative, i’ve never even been on a date,had a relationship let alone sex, it didn’t get better, nothing magical happened. 460 more words

Social Anxiety

Daily Jewel Huge Diamond Ring in Blushing Gold by Claude Thibaudeau

Diamond Gemstones
Milky Way by Mikimoto diamonds and pearls…oh my… yes please just imagine this on a black gown…to die for !
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You Asked: Why Do I Blush So Much?

Human beings are the only animals that blush. And try as we might, there’s no simple way to suppress it. In fact, trying to hold back a blush is a pretty good way to intensify it, says Dr. 599 more words

2012 Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer Carrie Big

Fast forward several years. People still blush nowadays. Girls now not blush to communicate with others in that genteel fashion the Victorian girls had perfected. Instead, the quantity of… 222 more words

Needed Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush Blushing Berry 017 Ounce

There’s probably no one who has not blushed at just one occasion or another. It is fully and totally natural to blush, too. Remember the stories regarding the… 352 more words

Daily Jewel Huge Diamond Ring in Blushing Gold by Claude Thibaudeau

Diamond Rings
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20 Rings That Sparkle
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