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Graffiti in Darmstadt - Blutbad am alten Friedhof :)

Ok, der Titel ist aller unterstes Niveau (und dieser Satz bis hier auch), aber ich finde er passt ganz gut. Die Bilder habe ich bereits im Juli fotografiert, das blutrote Mural fand ich jedoch damals so gut, dass ich es in einem Bild am gleichen Abend gepostet habe, … 75 more words


Word Search puzzle - Grimm

This word search puzzle is all about Grimm, the TV show.



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GRIMM Gets Muddy

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Episode 4:04 “Dyin’ on a Prayer”

I’ve been thinking about this episode, and it seems splintered. I mean that there’s a police case and again it takes up most of the episode; the bits about the core characters are so small that it feels almost lost. 935 more words


{Giveaway} Win an 8x10 Signed Silas Weir Mitchell Photo--Monroe from GRIMM

On August 3, I had the opportunity to attend the Shore Leave Convention, an annual sci-fi con that apparently takes place every year. I’d never heard of it, but the newspaper had a little write-up about it, and when I saw that Silas Weir Mitchell—Monroe from GRIMM—was going to be in attendance, I drove right up! 390 more words


Love Can Be Such GRIMM Sweet Sorrow

Episode 3.21 “Blonde Ambition”

Wow, there was a whole lot going on in this episode! Normally this would be something I’d complain about, but somehow the writers managed to get it all in and not make the story feel short changed. 1,053 more words


A GRIMM Education

Episode 3.19 “My Fair Wesen”

There isn’t anything to say without giving stuff away. So, I’ll start by putting up the “spoilers” banner.

There was a police case this week, but it was really more about beginning Trubel’s education on being a Grimm. 1,093 more words


A Troubled and GRIMM Youth

Episode 3.18 “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen”

This episode introduces a new character. If she becomes a regular this will be a big thing. When we first met Rosalee, I didn’t know she would become a regular. 1,094 more words