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The Persistent Cult of Arrested Development — Vulture

The show was too weird and self-referential to really succeed on network TV, especially in 2003. But times have changed, and now so has television.

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"I've made a huge mistake."

From: Arrested Development

Genre: Television

Who said it?: Most of the Bluth Family Members but mostly “Gob”

The story behind the quote: Arrested Development is a sitcom that focuses around the Bluths, a family of rather deviant people. 175 more words


Revisiting the Flawed, Experimental 4th Season of "Arrested Development"

When it was announced in late 2011 that Netflix had contracted with Mitchell Hurwitz and his crew to begin filming on a fourth season of the beloved hit sitcom  1,061 more words


Updated Arrested Development Bluth Company White Tshirt Tee

Tobias and his wife Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) have a strained marriage, to say the least. When she’s not out shopping at Neiman’s, Lindsay can be found saving the wetlands and protesting the war. 369 more words