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Why We're All Gob Bluth

Gob Bluth is my favorite Bluth by a landslide. Maybe he’s your favorite too. But have you thought about how similar you are?

1. You don’t think like everyone else, but you have great ideas. 126 more words

Arrested Development *****

Arrested Development – Αναπτυξιακός Σύμβουλος

Από τις πιο καλογραμμένες σειρές της τηλεόρασης, με όλους τους χαρακτήρες να είναι ένας και ένας. Τόσα layer χιούμορ που αρέσει και σε λιγότερο/περισσότερο ευφυείς από σένα. 20 more words


Monkey See, Spunky Do

Before you give me that ‘Oh no, you didn’t go there’ look after reading this blog entry, bear in mind that I’m the most non-discriminating person ever and I am fully confident that my friends are the most open-minded people as well. 784 more words

BEES?!? Let's Celebrate Arrested Development For A Sec...

So it looks like we’re getting 17 more episodes of Arrested Development, which is amazing news.

You can check out more of the story on… 72 more words


Annyong from Arrested Development


In another one of Netflix’s hit series, Arrested Development, Justin Lee plays Annyong, a Korean child adopted by the dysfunctional Bluth family. Unlike the other examples of cross-racial adoption, Annyong is adopted as a teenager, and therefore he doesn’t need to be “raised” as much as a baby would. 542 more words